Nov 29, 2018

Two Pilot Cultural Funding Initiatives Launched

Applications for Cultural Strategists-in-Government, Neighborhood Voices being accepted through Jan. 7

As part of the first steps in implementing the new Cultural Plan, the City of Oakland announced two new pilot Cultural Funding initiatives today that will advance cultural equity, belonging and well-being for all the communities of Oakland. Both initiatives are accepting application through January 7, 2019. Details and links to the online applications can be found at

Nov 08, 2018

OPD Hate Crime Hotline

The Oakland Police Department has activated a new Hate Crime Hotline to help combat and investigate hate crimes that occur in the city of Oakland.

Nov 06, 2018

Clarification to Misleading SF Chronicle Article which inaccurately stated, “Oakland police applicants asked to allow disclosure of whether they were sexually assaulted.”

San Francisco Chronicle Makes Clarification to Misleading Readers in October 21, 2018 Article

On October 21, 2018, the San Francisco Chronicle inaccurately published an article entitled, “Oakland police applicants asked to allow disclosure of whether they were sexually assaulted” then published a clarifying article (link below).

Nov 01, 2018

Update on Permitting

The mere availability of applications for loans does not alter the requirement that half of all permits and local authorizations for a temporary state license go to equity applicants, nor the fact that general applicants who incubate equity applicants receive the next available general applicant permit or local authorization for a temporary state license.