Redevelopment Successor Agency Oversight Board

The Redevelopment Successor Agency and its Oversight Board was created to wind down and complete the activities of the former Oakland Redevelopment Agency following dissolution in 2012.


The Redevelopment Successor Agency Oversight Board was dissolved in 2018. This information is being retained as an archive for the board.

An Oversight Board has been established to direct the work of the staff of the Successor Agency. The purpose of the Oversight Board is to expeditiously wind down the affairs and obligations of the Successor Agency. The City Council also serves as the Oakland Redevelopment Successor Agency (ORSA) Board. Action items are approved by the ORSA Board prior to being considered by the Oversight Board. However, the Oversight Board and the State Department of Finance have ultimate approval authority pursuant to the dissolution law.

The Oakland Oversight Board is made up of seven members from the County, the City and local Special Districts.

Oversight Board Members

The City of Oakland Successor Agency Oversight Board members are as follows;

  • Elsa Ortiz, AC Transit Board President - special district appointee
  • Vacant, OUSD - education appointee
  • Supervisor Keith Carson, Alameda County - county appointee
  • Michele Byrd, Director of Housing & Community Development - city appointee
  • Christia Mulvey, City of Oakland/IFPTE Local 21 - city labor appointee
  • Ronald Little, Peralta Community College - community college appointee
  • Frank Tucker, CEO Tucker Technology Inc. - county member of the public appointee

Meeting Schedule

The Oversight Board will meet every fourth Monday of the month beginning at 4:30PM

Meetings are held at:
Oakland City Hall
1 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza
Oakland, CA 94612

Meeting Agendas & Minutes

Meeting Agendas and Supplemental Materials will be posted here three days prior to each meeting. Minutes will be posted here shortly after each meeting.

To view the agendas, minutes and additional materials related to Oversight Board Meetings, as PDF files, click on the links below.

AgendasSupplemental MaterialsMinutes
March 26, 2018Item 2 - Oversight Board Minutes from January 22, 2018
Item 3 - ORSA Bond Refunding Staff Report and Resolution
Item 4 - Fox DDA Amendment Resolution and Staff Report
January 22, 2018Item 2 - Oversight Board Minutes from October 23, 2017
Item 3 - ROPS 18-19 and Admin Budget with Resolution
Item 4 - DOF Letter for 2017-4 and DOF Letter for 2017-5
Item 5 - CAC Memo on Countywide Board

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Recognized Obligation Payment Schedule

Long Range Property Management Plan

Oversight Board Resolutions

January 23, 2017Resolution 2017-1 ROPS
Resolution 2017-2 Sale 822 Washington St
September 26, 2016Resolution 2016-5 Fox Loan Assignment
Resolution 2016-6 Fox Loan Refi
Resolution 2016-7 ROPS Amendment
Resolution 2016-8 Counsel Withdrawal
June 27, 2016Resolution 2016-4 SKS OPA
March 14, 2016Resolution 2016-2 City Center DDA
Resolution 2016-3 Rules and Procedures
January 25, 2016Resolution 2016-1 ROPS
September 28, 2015Resolution 2015-3 ROPS
April 27, 2015Resolution 2015-2 Refunding Bonds
February 23, 2015Resolution 2015-1 ROPS
September 29, 2014Resolution 2014-5 ROPS
Resolution 2014-6 Sears DDA
May 22, 2014Resolution 2014-2 Revised LRPMP
Resolution 2014-3 Temporary Licenses
Resolution 2014-4 Fox Ratification
February 24, 2014Resolution 2014-1 ROPS
September 23, 2013Resolution 2013-17 ROPS
July 29, 2013Resolution 2013-15 Bond Agreement
Resolution 2013-16 WO Loan Repayment
July 15, 2013Resolution 2013-12 Army Base LRPMP
Resolution 2013-13 Outside Counsel
Resolution 2013-14 LRPMP, Phase II
June 17, 2013Resolution 2013-10 Outside Counsel Administrative Budget
Resolution 2013-11 Refunding Bonds
April 15, 2013Resolution 2013-9 Governmental Use Properties
March 18, 2013Resolution 2013-5 SKS OPA Amendment
Resolution 2013-6 Encumbered Properties
Resolution 2013-7 Swan's Loan Subordination
Resolution 2013-8 Outside Counsel Budget
February 25, 2013Resolution 2013-4 ROPS
February 4, 2013Resolution 2013-3 ORSA DDR
January 7, 2013Resolution 2013-1 Army Base LDDA
December 3, 1012Resolution 2012-13 Amended and Restated Foothill Seminary Disposition
November 5, 2012Resolution 2012-12 LMIHF DDR
September 17, 2012Resolution 2012-11 Conflict of Interest
August 20, 2012Resolution 2012-8 Legal Counsel
Resolution 2012-9 ROPS and Admin #3
Resolution 2012-10 Foothill Seminary
July 16, 2012Resolution 2012 -7 Housing Asset Transfer
May 21, 2012Resolution 2012-5 Amended ROPS #1
Resolution 2012-6 Amended ROPS #2
April 23, 2012Resolution 2012-1 ROPS #1
Resolution 2012-2 ROPS #2
Resolution 2012-3 Administrative Budget #1
Resolution 2012-4 Administrative Budget #2

Finding of Completion

Pursuant to Health and Safety Code (HSC) Section 34179.7, the State Department of Finance issued a Finding of Completion to the Successor Agency on May 29, 2013, which allows the Successor Agency to:

  • Retain dissolved RDA assets per HSC Section 34191.5 (c) (2)
  • Place loan agreements between the former redevelopment agency and sponsoring entity on the ROPS, as an enforceable obligation, provided the oversight board makes a finding that the loan was for legitimate redevelopment purposes per HSC Section 34191.4 (b) (1)
  • Utilize proceeds derived from bonds issued prior to Jan. 1, 2011 in a manner consistent with the original bond covenants per HSC Section 34191.4 (c)

Additionally, the Finding of Completion requires:

  • The successor agency to submit a Long-Range Property Management Plan to the Department of Finance for Review and Approval per HSC Section 34191.4 (b)

Oversight Board Legislation

On June 29, 2011 Governor Jerry Brown signed legislation eliminating redevelopment agencies (RDAs) and directing the resolution of their activities.

To view the relevant legislation, please click here for Assembly Bill No. 26.