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Nov 01, 2018

Update on Permitting

The mere availability of applications for loans does not alter the requirement that half of all permits and local authorizations for a temporary state license go to equity applicants, nor the fact that general applicants who incubate equity applicants receive the next available general applicant permit or local authorization for a temporary state license.

Nov 01, 2018

Loan Applications Now Available For Equity Applicants

The City of Oakland is excited to announce that applications for no-interest business start-up loans for cannabis equity applicants are now available. The loan applications will be processed by our Consultant, Elevate Impact Oakland.


Cultivators, delivery-only dispensaries, distributors, testing laboratories, manufacturers and transporters may apply for cannabis permits. There is no limit on the number of permits that can be issued for those activities.

However, at least half of all permits must be issued to Equity applicants as described below.

  • Equity – Applicants who qualify for fee waivers plus technical and financial assistance based on income level and residential location or cannabis conviction.
  • General – All other applicants. A General applicant who incubates an Equity applicant by providing them with three years of free rent and security measures, has priority over other General applicants.

OFFICE HOURS FOR CANNABIS BUSINESS: Monday - Thursdays 9:30 am - 12:00pm and 1:00 - 3:30pm

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