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Our Online Permit Center (Accela Citizen Access - ACA) allows you to apply for selected permits, check on the status of your permit(s), research property records, and print your own issued permits or inspection cards!

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One-Stop Permit Center Now OPEN!

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The City of Oakland welcomes you back to 250 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza, our One-Stop Permit Center! We've combined the counter services of the Planning & Building Department, Oakland Fire Department, and Department of Transportation to provide for a "one-stop shop" experience. Most services are by-appointment-only. Please visit our Permit Center Reopening webpage for full details on hours of operation, scheduling your appointments, and services offered.

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Find or apply for the permits you need, ask permit questions 24/7, or get started on your project today!

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Ready to get started? First, make sure you are registered and activated at our Online Permit Center. The table below outlines the differences between our "Full Registration" and "Light Registration" user options.

Review our Permit Type Chart to learn more about what kinds of permits and pre-applications (i.e., Zoning and Building Worksheets) are available, depending on your registration level. Then log in to get started!

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Existing Users

  • You have an activated account
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Contractors & Owner-Builders
  • Apply for All Available Permits
    (See Full Registration Column)
  • Must Submit Required Documents to Register
  • View Documents & Property History
  • Pay Permit Fees, Print Permits
  • Quicker Processing Times

Permit Runners & Agents of Contractors/Owners

  • Apply ONLY for Permit Pre-Applications
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  • Immediately Self-Register
  • Receive Permits ONLY After Providing
    Supporting Documents
  • Longer Processing Times
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Apply for Planning/Zoning Review

Letter of Determination Zoning Clearance Zoning Worksheet

Apply for a Letter of Determination to see whether your proposed project meets City Zoning rules or to challenge City interpretation of your project's Zoning conformity.

Apply for a Zoning Clearance to determine if your business can operate at your chosen location. Other permits may be required.

Submit a Zoning Worksheet (ZW) to begin pre-application Planning/Zoning Review for your project. Review our Permit Type Chart to see if your project needs a ZW, or our Get Started on Your Project directory for step-by-step guidance.


Apply for Permits

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READ our Electronic Plan and Document Submittal Guidelines to be sure your permit application documents are in the proper format for review and processing by our team.

Homeowners, business owners and developers, please visit our Get Started on Your Project directory for step-by-step permit application guidance for common project types. Answers to frequently asked questions are also available on our online Permit Questions Portal.

NOTE: When applying, please use the address or parcel # that shows on your property taxes to start your permit application. If you cannot find your address or proceed with your permit application, please email with your address, parcel, or owner information and we can assist you.

Need some personalized guidance? We've added a new online Permit Wizard to walk you through the process of scoping your project and directing you to all the applications and forms you'll need.

Permit Revisions, Extensions & Reinstatements

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Contact Us

Planning & Building Department

Online Permit Center (Accela Citizen Access - ACA) Registration Questions: Contract license expiration, account questions. Expect a response within 3 business days during business hours.


General Building Permits or Policy-Related Questions: Expect a response within 2 weeks.

Permit Questions Portal
Phone: 510-238-3891

Plan Check or Building Code-Related Questions: Expect a response within 3 business days during business hours.


General Planning-Related Questions: Expect a response within 2 weeks.

Permit Questions Portal
Phone: 510-238-3911

General Permit Status Questions:
Expect a response within 2 weeks. You can check your permit status on our Online Permit Portal. If you have additional questions, please see contact information below.

Permit Questions Portal
Phone: 510-238-3891
Video Tutorial: How to Check Your Permit Status Online

Inspection Counter/Code Enforcement Complaint Questions: Expect a response within 3 business days during business hours.

Phone: 510-238-3444 (Inspection Scheduling) OR 510-238-3381 (Code Enforcement)

Type of questions/issues addressed:

  • Permit scheduling and follow-up inquiries
  • Permit extension requests
  • Code Enforcement complaints, photos, Property Owner Certifications, etc.

Inspection Services Information: Expect a response within 24 hours during business hours.


Type of questions/issues addressed:

  • Mechanical, Electrical or Plumbing (MEP) Code-related questions
  • Building code questions and clarifications relating to inspections
  • Inspection-related questions for projects with issued permits
  • What needs to be inspected
  • Inspection scheduling problems (permit Inspectors are unable to schedule inspections)
  • Permit inspection procedures, including what needs to take place during Shelter-in-Place

  • Extra inspection or Overtime Inspection requests
  • Temporary Certificate of Occupancy (TCOs)
  • Complaints about permit inspections
  • Cannabis inspections

Fee Payment Questions: Expect a response within 3 business days during business hours.

Phone: 510-238-4774

Records Requests: To make an online records request, visit: For more information, please contact

Technical Questions Permit Wizard/Online Permit Process, General ACA Portal Questions: Expect a response within 3 business days during business hours.


Department of Transportation (OakDOT)

For OakDOT permit-related questions, please contact (510) 238-3199 or

For assistance with creating an account and registering to the ACA Online Permit Center to apply for Curb, Gutter, Sidewalk or Sewer Lateral permits, please contact Emily Jue at

Fire Department

For billing and invoice questions, please contact the Finance Department at 510-238-2252 or

For Fire Inspection and Fire Prevention Plan Review questions, please contact the Fire Department at 510-238-3851 or