Transportation Options for City Employees

Employee Benefits

  1. Bicycle Amenities: Secure bike cages, showers and lockers are available at Dalziel Garage. To request access, complete and submit the Building Access Card Request Form.
  2. GoNavia Commuter Benefits: Pay for your work-related parking and transit expenses using pretax dollars. Includes buses, ferries, parking lots and garages, and trains. The limit for each benefit (parking and transit) is $300 per month. i.e. employees can contribution up to $300 for transit and also $300 for parking.
  3. AC Transit EasyPass Program: Free bus pass that provides unlimited travel on all AC Transit buses, both local and transbay. AVAILABLE ONLY to regular full-time and permanent part-time employees represented by Local 21 and CMEA. If you're eligible, fill out this short form to receive a discounted EasyPass.
  4. Discounted Bay Wheels Passes: All rides under 45 minutes are covered in this 12-month membership. City employees get a $25 discount. Cost to City employees is $125 per year. Sign up here.
  5. Discounted Vanpool Parking: Commuters who travel to Downtown Oakland and are registered with the Regional Rideshare program are eligible for discounted parking at either an on-street metered space or in a City-owned garage/parking lot (subject to space availability). Minivans must have 7 passengers and full-sized vans at least 11 passengers to quality. Ridership is monitored quarterly to ensure eligibility for discounted parking.
  6. Guaranteed Ride Home: The Alameda County Guaranteed Ride Home Program does just what it says. It guarantees you a free ride home from work if you have an emergency and you have made the effort to avoid commuting alone in your car. You can feel comfortable taking the bus, train, or ferry, carpooling, vanpooling, walking, or bicycling to work, knowing that you will have a ride home in the case of a qualifying unexpected circumstance that disrupts your commute home. Register for the program here.
  7. Monthly Parking Passes: Prices for City employees at City Center West Garage are effective March 1, 2022:

Pass Type

Monthly Pass Rate

How to Sign Up



Find 2+ coworkers who you will carpool with every day (3+ total carpool members, including yourself). Email with all members of your carpool in the CC line.

Note: You don’t have to carpool in the same vehicle daily. Just be sure the driver has your carpool’s garage access card.

Clean-Air Vehicle


Make sure you have a DMV-issued clean air vehicle decal on the back of your car. Email with a photo of your decal, vehicle, and license plate number.

Non-Clean Air Vehicle, Drive-Alone


Email to ask for a parking pass.

Note: If you already have a parking pass and don’t opt in to a Carpool or Clean-Air pass, this is your new rate.

Parking Share


2+ employees share 1 parking pass. Email with all parking share members.

Note: The parking pass can only be used by 1 parking share member at a time.

Note: Beginning March 1, 2022, use of monthly parking access cards are subject to random verification by City of Oakland and/or City of Oakland Parking Partners staff. Carpool and parking share access card holders cannot have more than one vehicle from their carpool at any one time parked in a City-owned Garage. Failure to meet program use requirements at any time may result in the forfeiting any special discounted rate or privileges and instead immediately receive a Non-Clean-Air Vehicle, Drive-Alone rate. Only Clean-Air Vehicles that have received a decal under the State of California’s Clean Air Vehicle program and verifiable zero emission vehicles are eligible to receive the Clean-Air Vehicle parking pass rate. For more information on this program, please visit the DMV’s website:

More Transportation Services

  1. BART: Regional rail service.
  2. AC Transit: Buses serving Alameda County, Contra Costa County and transbay trips.
  3. Bay Wheels Bike Share: Membership-based bike share program that allows members to make point-to-point trips using shared bicycles.
  4. Bike Stations: Safe and convenient way to park your bike while commute via BART.
  5. Bike Link: Card for on-demand bike parking.
  6. Car Share Program: Membership-based services that allow you to rent out vehicles for hourly use but at a fraction of the cost of owning your own vehicle.
  7. Scooter Share Program: Shared e-scooter services.
  8. Rideshare/carpool: Find a long-term or casual carpool today.