Telegraph Avenue Complete Streets Project | 2014

The goals of the Telegraph Avenue Complete Streets project are to improve safety and accessibility for all users, make the street more comfortable and enjoyable for people walking and biking, and balance the needs and convenience of all users.


Where: Telegraph Ave, 16th St to the Berkeley border. The project is being evaluated/implemented in phases, as described below.

Detailed information about the proposed Telegraph Ave Bikeway, 20th St to 57th St, is on the Telegraph Ave Complete Streets Implementation Plan page.

protected bike lane design, Telegraph Ave, Oakland CA
  • 16th St to 20th St: bike lanes installed, June 2016 (funded by the Latham Square Project); wayfinding signage installed December 2016
  • 20th St to 29th St: bike lanes installed, June 2016 (part of a multi-street paving contract), protected bikeway design, pictured right; wayfinding signage installed December 2016
  • 29th St to 40th St: funded (see newsletter article); now in the design phase; implementation anticipated in 2018
  • 40th St to 57th St: under evaluation/development. (Sharrows were installed between 55th St and Aileen St in January 2012 as part of a paving project. The adopted Bicycle Master Planproposal is for bike lanes.)
  • 57th St to the Berkeley border: bike lanes installed in 1999

Below is a set of metrics, derived from the project goals, that will be used to evaluate the ongoing project:

  • crashes and injuries for motorists, pedestrians and bicyclists
  • volume of vehicles, bus passengers, bicycle riders, and pedestrians
  • traffic speeds, including percentage of speeding vehicles and median speeds
  • economic vitality, including growth in retail activity
  • user satisfaction

Plan Recommendations

The recommended project will improve safety for all modes of travel on Telegraph Avenue through a combination of treatments that include bicycle lanes, new and improved pedestrian crossings, relocated bus stops, additional turn lanes, and traffic signal upgrades.

Conceptual rendering of parking-protected bike lane on Telegraph Avenue.

The following summarizes the key Plan recommendations:

  • Remove 1 travel lane on Telegraph Avenue in each direction between 19th Street and 41st Street to allow for the installation of bicycle and pedestrian safety improvements.
  • Install parking-protected bicycle lanes (also known as “cycle tracks”) between 20th Street and 29th Street, using low-cost and interim materials (e.g., paint, striping, colored pavement, flex posts).
  • Install buffered bicycle lanes between 29th Street and 41st Street, using low-cost and interim materials (e.g., paint, striping, colored pavement, flex posts).
  • Install pedestrian improvements (e.g., median refuge islands, ladder crosswalks, curb extensions) using low-cost, interim materials.
  • Reconfigure on-street parking, parking meters, and loading zones as needed to implement the proposed design, include potential designation of time-of-day loading zones.
  • Relocate and consolidate bus stops to far-side locations to improve efficiency of bus transit operations.
  • Construct permanent transit boarding islands at transit stops as funding is available.
  • Prohibit on-street parking between 55th Street and Aileen Street under SR24 to connect existing Telegraph Avenue bicycle lanes to 55th Street and Shattuck Avenue bicycle routes.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of Phase 1 improvements to allow the City to seek funding for future capital improvements on Telegraph Avenue from 20th Street to 57th Street (e.g., curb relocations, stormwater management treatments).
  • Seek funding for more focused design studies and community outreach on how best to reconfigure the street between 41st Street and 55th Street to become a complete street, including reconfiguration of the Telegraph Avenue/Shattuck Avenue intersection.

Project Updates

No updates, yet! Check back soon!