Estuary Park Project

The Estuary Park Renovation and Expansion Project is an exciting opportunity for the community to reshape a portion of Oakland’s Waterfront into a great destination for residents, pedestrians, bicyclists, boaters, tourists, and others throughout the region. #OaklandEstuaryPark

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Originating as part of the Estuary Policy Plan, the project is part of a larger regional effort by the City of Oakland to create a distinctive waterfront that improves and sustains the quality of city life socially and ecologically. The project is aligned with other regional improvements included in the Lake Merritt Master Plan and the Central Estuary Plan with funding for the Design Phase provided by the Oakland Trust for Clean Water and Safe Parks (Measure DD). The Measure DD Community Coalition is a stakeholder for the project.

Estuary Park is located along the Oakland Estuary south of Jack London Square at the mouth of the Lake Merritt Channel. The existing park incorporates the Jack London Aquatic Center, youth and adult rowing programs, a multi-use field for soccer and team sports, a public boat launching ramp, and a group picnic area. The old 'Cash and Carry' property will become part of the park, expanding the total park area.

The project will develop detailed design and environmental review for a park renovation and expansion project for the undeveloped areas of the park, generally west and south of the Jack London Aquatic Center. The project will be implemented in phases as funding for implementation becomes available. Initial planning for the project will indicate areas that require additional study and environmental review as part of future project(s). The project began in 2018 with an intensive community engagement process; then went on hold from January 2019 until March of 2021, when the City restarted the project with a new design team, building on the community input received in 2018.

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Past Meetings:

Community Workshop #1: October 17, 2018 6-8pm

Community Workshop #2: December 5, 2018 6-8pm

Community Workshop #3: January 31, 2019 6-8pm

Community Workshop #4: October 23, 2021 10am - 1pm




Map of Project: Estuary Park Project


Community Engagement + Planning
Summer 2018 - Winter 2021
Planning Process
Winter 2021 - Summer 2022
Design + Approvals
Fall 2022 - Spring 2025
Summer 2025 - Fall 2026