Building Electrification

The City of Oakland is seeking cost effective pathways to eliminate natural gas use in buildings. This page provides details of outreach, engagement, and data regarding health and climate impacts of natural gas, electric alternatives to gas systems, and cost-effectiveness analysis.



Oakland's City Council has set ambitious climate targets that require electrifying the building stock as rapidly as possible. As an important first step, the City is exploring electrification-based building reach codes to include in its 2019 code updates. East Bay Community Energy (EBCE) is providing support and commissioned a cost-effectiveness study of all-electric new construction that shows both upfront and lifetime cost effectiveness for nearly all building types.

On June 13, 2019, Oakland and Berkeley convened a workshop with local market-rate and affordable multifamily housing developers and electrification experts to discuss the feasibility and benefits of building electrification and get feedback on how we can craft electrification policies that don’t inhibit the development of housing. This meeting was an opportunity for developers to learn about building electrification and to discuss their questions and concerns with staff. The focus was not on energy code issues, but rather backing up to focus on the why and how of building electrification, including the technical and financial feasibility. The materials provided on this web page are from that workshop.


Oakland-Berkeley Electrification Workshop
June 13, 2019