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Rent Adjustment Program Forms & Notices for Property Owners


Single-Family-Home Exemption Certificates Information Sheet (PDF)

The Rent Adjustment Program (RAP) issues Certificates of Exemption for dwelling units that are permanently exempt from the Rent Adjustment Ordinance. RAP will NOT issue Certificates of Exemption for single-family homes any longer. However, in most cases, single-family homes (including houses and condominiums) will still be exempt from the Rent Adjustment Ordinance.

Notice to Tenant of Owner Petition (PDF)

This document is a stand-alone Notice to Tenant of Owner Petition (may be used with Owner Petition for Rent Increases or Owner Petition for Certificate for Exemption). This notice is already included in both the Owner Petition for Rent Increases and Owner Petition for Certificate for Exemption forms.

Petition for Determination of Tenant Protected Status (PDF)

Property owners and tenants may use this form to petition the Rent Adjustment Program for a hearing to address a tenant's claim of "protected status" as elderly, disabled, or catastrophically ill for the purposes of protection under the Just Cause for Eviction Ordinance.

Sublease Addendum (PDF)

The Lease Addendum, prepared by the City of Oakland Rent Adjustment Program, is for use when there is partial tenancy turnover. It clarifies that tenants who move into rental units during an existing tenancy are not original tenants and only have the right to the current controlled rent until the last original tenant permanently vacates the unit. The Lease Addendum clarifies that the landlord may raise the rent without limitation on all remaining tenants.

Proof of Service (PDF)

This document is a stand-alone Proof of Service that can be used to serve any other RAP document that does not already include a Proof of Service.

Notice to Tenants of the Rent Adjustment Ordinance (English, Chinese, and Spanish) (PDF)

Under the Rent Adjustment Ordinance, property owners must give tenants a copy of the Notice of the Rent Adjustment Program (“The RAP Notice”) (1) at the commencement of a tenancy and are required to give it in three languages English, Spanish, and Chinese, AND (2) with every notice of rent increase (O.M.C 8.22.060, Rent Adjustment Ordinance Implementing Regulation 8.22.060.)

Under the Tenant Protections Ordinance (TPO), property owners of buildings with at least one interior common area accessible by all the tenants must post the RAP Notice in at least one such common area per building (O.M.C. 8.22.640.E.)

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