Lake Merritt Sailboat House

Lake Merritt Sailboat House is next to the nation’s largest salt water tidal lake, Lake Merritt. Built in 1954, this unique landmark houses the Lake Merritt Boating Center and Lake Merritt Institute. It has convenient access to highway and public transportation with off-street parking. Lake Merritt is home to Oakland’s oldest wildlife preserve and is often called the “Jewel of Oakland.” At night, visitors will see “Necklace of Lights," an outdoor installation with 126 lampposts and more than 4,000 light bulbs around the shoreline. At day, visitors will see grassy knolls, picnic sites, walking paths, a view of the Pergola and Colonnade. Visitors can enjoy boating, sailing and gondola rides.


The Lake Merritt Sailboat House has spectacular views of Lake Merritt. We host events including wedding ceremonies, receptions, corporate and private events and celebrations of all kinds.

The entrance is handicap accessible. Inside, there is a banquet room with adjustable track lighting, full service kitchen, side terrace, vast deck and floor to ceiling glass windows that fill the space with natural light. The rental area includes the kitchen and the balcony.

The Lake Merritt Sailboat House features a balconied main room with floor-to-ceiling windows, which lends a pleasant setting for special occasions. The Sailboat House rests on Oakland's Lake Merritt surrounded by a "Necklace of Lights.” The Sailboat House also includes a spacious outdoor balcony with a sweeping view of Lake Merritt.

Parking inside Lakeside Park on Bellevue Avenue (operating hours 7:30am until dusk):

  • $3.00 every two hours
  • $12.00 all day parking during weekdays
  • $5.00 Saturday, Sunday and holidays.
  • $15.00 for Buses daily.
  • $10.00 Special Event parking after 5pm.

Unique Amenities

Surrounding Balcony Panoramic Views of Lake Merritt Floor-to-ceiling Windows throughout Clubroom

*The rental area includes the kitchen and balcony.

Rental Area and Room Capacity*


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