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If you own property in Oakland and you don't pay a City bill, you might have a lien placed on your property tax bill. There are many kinds of liens that can be placed against your property. If a lien is placed against your property, you can't sell it or refinance it without removing the lien.

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There are many kinds of liens and assessments. These are the type of liens you may have put on your property if you had a delinquency with the City of Oakland.

· Garbage Liens (refuse liens)

· Business Tax Liens

· Real Estate Transfer Tax Liens

· Sidewalk Liens

· Sewer Lateral Liens

· Vegetation Management Liens (rubbish or fire inspection)

If you need to request a payoff demand for a lien or assessment you must:

  • Send a check for $170.00 to Citywide Liens at 150 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza Suite 5342, Oakland, California 94612
  • Enclose a copy of the lien, for RETT and business tax liens (only submit the 1st page with recordation number and property reference page)

To obtain a copy of the lien, please reach out directly to the Alameda County Recorder’s Office @ 1106 Madison St. Oakland, CA 94607 or visit the online portal:

For questions regarding obtaining a copy of the lien, call recorder’s office Toll Free: 1-888-280-7708

3 ways to submit payment:

Mail in check/money order payable to “City of Oakland” with full demand request

  • Pay in person @ 150 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza #5342 Oakland, CA 94612

It can take five business days to process the demand request. If you submit an incomplete Citywide Demand Request, the City will reject your request. (Missing payment, missing copy of liens, or missing request form)

  • Each Demand request qualifies for only one property address (APN) and one type of lien. You will need to submit separate requests for each property and each type of lien.

We do NOT rush or expedite requests. Demand requests are processed in the order they are received.

  • Demands are good for only 30 days. Once they expire, you must submit a new demand request. That includes an additional $170 upfront processing fee, demand letter request form, copy of the liens.
  • Once the demand payoff has been paid, we will mail the notarized Release of Liens to the address provided on the demand letter request form. We will include a letter instructing you to file the provided releases with the County of Alameda Recorders Office @ 1106 Madison St. Oakland, CA 94607. You must record the Release of Liens to remove them from the property.

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