Report Illegal Fireworks

Help keep our community safe and report the sales, possession and lighting of fireworks. As always, call 9-1-1 to report an emergency.

(510) 238-2373
Call the Fireworks Tipline
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Oakland Illegal Firework Reporting Tool

All Types of Fireworks are Illegal in Oakland

Let’s ensure our neighbors, friends, and pets feel safe by keeping fireworks out of our neighborhoods.

  • Those caught with fireworks, even the “Safe & Sane” brand, will be fined up to $1,000·
  • Possession of large quantities of fireworks carry penalties of $5,000 to $10,000 and possible imprisonment

Keep our Community Safe

  • Use of fireworks could injure or present even greater bodily risk to yourself, children and community.
  • Oakland is in the midst of a homeless crisis. Unsheltered residents are disproportionally impacted and exposed to the noise and risk of explosive devices, particularly if fire makes contact with an encampment.
  • We are a month into fire season and already have seen a number of grassland fires, at least two of which were caused by fireworks. Reckless use of pyrotechnics combined with Low humidity, high temperatures and high wind are a devastating combination.
  • Any fire that threatens homes or vegetation could prompt an evacuation and displacement of residents. During COVID-19, the potential of having to relocate neighbors who are sheltering in place into a common area or facility could further threaten the health and safety of Oaklanders.

The Oakland Fire Department is taking the following steps to promote safety and mitigate the use of illegal fireworks during the week of June 29-July 4, 2020.

  • The Emergency Management Division will activate the Emergency Operations Center on July 4 to monitor citywide activity and incidents connected to the July 4th holiday.
  • The Fire and Police departments continue to work on plans to maintain safety in the Very High Fire Severity Zone. In response to significant regional concerns about fire safety and emergency vehicle access, the Fire Department and Police Department have elected to close Grizzly Peak Blvd to all non-local automobile, bicycle, and pedestrian traffic between Skyline and Claremont/Fish Ranch Rd. from 05:00am July 4 through 05:00am July 5th. Last year, the City of Berkeley closed Grizzly Peak Blvd north of Claremont Avenue, so all traffic was forced south on Grizzly Peak Blvd in Oakland. The narrow road turned into gridlock from sheer weight of traffic, parking in the lookouts, and double-parked cars. It took an emergency vehicle 30 minutes to drive a three-mile section. The Covid-19 shelter in place order has increased the number of visitors to Grizzly Peak parking lookouts this year. The most significant concern is wildfire danger, an even more heightened concern given the early wildfire season and very dry vegetation, and the apparent increased in private use if illegal fireworks.The City of Oakland is communicating with City of Berkeley, EBRPD, UC Berkeley, Orinda/Moraga, Alameda County and Caltrans regarding the closure.
  • OFD and the City’s Digital team created a flyer which is being shared on social media, and can be shared through the community and elected official networks, and in merchant and residential neighborhoods by engine companies, and Fire Prevention Inspectors.
  • 2x2 ft Signs with information from the flyer are currently being placed in parks and near firework hot spots.
  • In efforts to get illegal fireworks off our streets, and prevent fires the Oakland Fire Department has set up fireworks collection barrels at the following fire stations. The collection sites are for residents that want to surrender unused fireworks and also for OPD to drop off confiscated fireworks.
    • Station 1: 1603 Martin Luther King Jr. Way
    • Station 3: 1445 14th Street
    • Station 4: 1235 International Boulevard
    • Station 5: 934 34th Street
    • Station 18: 5008 Bancroft Avenue
    • Station 20: 1401 98th Avenue
  • OFD is ramping up social media messages reminding people not to use illegal fireworks. You can follow the Fire Department’s relatively new official OFD platforms here:
  • The Fire Department and Police Department are working on plans to maintain safety in the Very High Fire Severity Zone along Grizzly Peak (between Skyline and Claremont/Fish Ranch).
  • A page on the City website has been created and we’ll be adding information on an ongoing basis related to promoting safety and preventing the illegal use of fireworks.
  • Working with Oakland Unite to get their support on outreach to the neighborhoods. This will be a similar approach as COVID 19 testing site promotion. They have been asked to help on sharing firework related information and passing out masks.
  • All engine companies are doing roving patrols in the neighborhoods around their stations and reporting illegal firework locations to Fire Dispatch (which relays the information to OPD dispatch).
  • OFD crews will be uploading the locations of illegal firework exhibitions to the new VEOCI mapping platform which was created by Emergency Management Division. We will be using this data to develop short term intervention strategies and long term strategic plans on how we can mitigate illegal firework activity moving forward.
  • OFD will deploy extra staff at Lake Merritt on July 4 in anticipation of large holiday weekend crowds.
  • OFD will deploy two additional Type 3 wildland urban interface specialty apparatus engines between 0800-2200 Hrs. on July 4th, and additional command staff.
  • As was done over the weekend of June 27-28, OFD will have two engines at Lake Merritt area on July 4 in the event of an emergency at the lake or in the area.
  • The Fire Prevention Bureau will deploy approximately four (4) inspectors on July 3-4th to monitor hot spots and report from the field on any illegal firework activity.