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Report or Check Status of a Property Complaint

The City of Oakland’s goal is to keep our neighborhoods and community clean, safe and free of blight. You can report blight, housing or zoning violations online or with the OAK311 app.

Need to check the status of a filed complaint?

Scroll down to Step Six: Check the Status of a Property Complaint on this webpage for full instructions.

Before you Start

Please review the Types of Violations below as reporting options vary by violation type.

What to Do

You may report a violation through our easy-to-use Oak311 platform by following the instructions below.

Types of Violations

How to Report a Complaint

  1. Step One: Go to Oak311

    You can report a code violation using Oak311 in two ways:

    1) Report using our Oak311 mobile application

    • Install the application to your mobile phone

    Click on the button below that corresponds to your mobile phone's operating system to be taken to an external website where you can download the application.

    Install App (Android) Install App (iOS)

    2) Report a problem through our Oak311 Web Portal.

    Click button below to be taken to an external link where you can report a property complaint.

    Visit Web Portal
  2. Step Two: Enter Location
    • Enter site address or drag the map until the pin is laying on top of the location you are reporting
    • Confirm location
  3. Step Three: Review Existing Reports
    • If the issue you are reporting has already been reported, click the "Follow" button to receive updates on the status of the issue
    • If the issue you are reporting has not been reported, click the "Next Step" button
  4. Step Four: Describe Violation
    • Upload any images of the violation or click the "No Photos" button
    • Describe the violation in detail then click the "Confirm Details" button
  5. Step Five: Submit Report
    • Choose how you would like to submit your request
    • Register or sign in to your existing SeeClickFix account to submit report of violation
  6. Step Six: Check the Status of Your Complaint

    1) Open Accela Citizen Access (ACA):

    • Once your complaint has been filed in our system, you may check its status through our online Accela Citizen Access (ACA) portal.
    • Click the button below to be taken to our external website to search through filed Code Enforcement complaints.
    Online Complaints Portal

    2) Search Records:

    • Enter your complaint number. If you do not have a complaint number, please enter your property address, along with any additional information you can about the property.
    • Click the "Search" button

    3) Review Records:

    • Find your record and click the record number highlighted in red.
    • From the Record Info drop-down list, select "Processing Status"
    • Review the status of your complaint

Need to Know

NOTE: You may also file a complaint by downloading the TellUs App (iOS, Android) or directly through our Online Permit Portal.


Call (510) 238-3381 or find quick answers through our Permit & Services Questions Portal.


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