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The City's centralized vendor's database. All businesses that want to contract with the City must register with iSupplier, to receive bid notifications, to apply for local business certification, and view purchase orders and payment status. Businesses are required to keep their contact email and address site current, to minimize delays and errors.

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Registration Process

To participate in the RFQ process, you must be fully registered with iSupplier.

STEP 1: Follow procedure A or B

Procedure A: For Suppliers who had previous contracts with the City but do not have an approved user in iSupplier.

The City already has information about your firm based upon your previous contract work for the City. Your firm’s principal should send an email to containing the permanent email address for your company's primary point of contact, their name, telephone number, and title. Once the provided email is added to the iSupplier account, you will receive an email confirmation with your iSupplier temporary password. That user will be able to log in and update the company’s profile.

Procedure B: For Suppliers who never registered or did not have previous contracts with the City.

Your firm’s principal should register in iSupplier. The City will review your application and respond within three working days by email. If approved, complete Step 2. Please note: If you receive an “error” message at registration stating that you already exist in the system, it is very important to stop and follow Procedure A above.

STEP 2: Complete the iSupplier profile

After registering, use the iSupplier Profile User Guide & Videos to help complete your profile: 1) Login to iSupplier 2) Click on the ADMIN tab 3) Complete/update the Business Address, Contact Information, Business Classification, and most importantly, their Products and Services. Please note: In Products and Services, you must list NAICS codes, and/or NIGP codes in order to receive our invites to upcoming opportunities.

The email address you provided will be your iSupplier username. When your registration is approved, you will receive an email confirmation with your iSupplier temporary password.

STEP 3: Start using iSupplier

View the abstracts of current, upcoming, and previous contracting opportunities, then begin responding to RFQs. Please note: iSupplier uses "RFQ" to refer to Request for Proposal (RFP), Notice Inviting Bids (NIB), and Notice To Bidders (NTB).

Registration Tips:

  • Use a supported browser (Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome, or Firefox only).
  • Always refer to the W-9 form on file for the proper legal name of your business.
  • Enter in ALL CAPS. Do NOT use any special characters such as -,/,#,&, etc. in the name unless they are part of the legal name.
  • Enter the first name, middle initial, and last name. Do not put a period after Inc., Co., or Corp.
  • Abbreviate suffixes and place them after the last name without a comma (JOHN SMITH SR).
  • Spell it out (?)

If you are not receiving project invitations:

1) Check your spam folder: If your firm uses AOL as an internet service provider you may need to contact AOL and explain that you're not receiving your emails from “ ebusinessR12 or City of Oakland Mailer”. If you continue to encounter problems with iSupplier registration please email us at

2) Select one recipient: If your firm has multiple users or address sites, please add a site in your address book and label it “RFQ” so that we know which user to invite for the upcoming opportunities.

3) Request an invite: If you see an open RFQ and your Firm did not receive an invitation to participate, email Put the project title and/or RFQ number in the subject line and tell us that you have completed the registration process and want to participate in the project. An invitation will be sent to your registered username with instructions on how to view the RFQ.

If you need to reset your password or forgot your username:

Please click on the iSupplier Login & Password Reset button above. Then click on the link "Login Assistance" this will take you to the Forgot Password and Forgot User Name page. Type in your username/email address and click on the “Forgot Password” or “Forgot User Name” button.

If you do not see the email in your inbox, please check your spam/junk folder for your password email from the "City of Oakland” or “ebusinessR12". Follow the direction on your reset password email.

If you still cannot find the email, please ask your Internet Service Provider (ISP) i.e. AOL, Comcast, etc., to release the emails from "City of Oakland" or “eBusinessR12” from their filters.

Should you have any questions please send an email to

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Your feedback will help us improve our website. We cannot reply individually to all feedback.
Your feedback will help us improve our website. We cannot reply individually to all feedback.
Your feedback will help us improve our website. We cannot reply individually to all feedback.