MacArthur Transit Village Project

The MacArthur Transit Village is a mixed-use, multi-phased transit-oriented development located at the MacArthur BART Station. The residential units have 624 new units and resident parking 624 spaces. The retail space 42,500 square feet of commercial/neighborhood serving retail space and 5,000 square feet of community space. BART parking has 480 new parking spaces, 30 guest/commercial patron parking spaces and approximately 45 on-street parking spaces.


CEQA Review notice of preparation of a DEIR
Hearing comments about design of the proposal
Draft and Final EIR for a new Transit Village
Planning Commission was sent to council for action
CED Committee seeks approval of Stage 1 FDP & VTTM
Community Informational Meeting update on project


The first phase started construction in 2011 with demolition and site remediation work. Construction of the new BART parking garage began in 2012 and the site development work (which includes new and renovated streets and associated improvements) and renovation of the BART Plaza will begin in early 2013. The second phase with the 90-unit affordable housing project will begin in 2013.