Let’s Bike Oakland!

An update to the citywide bike plan

The City first adopted a bicycle plan in 1999, which defined a policy vision and established a citywide bikeway network of bike paths, lanes, and routes. In 2007, the City updated the Plan which refined the bikeway network through analysis of street conditions and interactions between bikes and buses.

Let's Bike Oakland will focus on:

  • Updating the existing Plan’s vision, goals, and policies with a focus on equity
  • Engaging Oaklanders and empower local community organizations to be leaders in this update
  • Developing an action plan with performance measures for increasing the number of people who bike, decreasing bicyclist crashes, and improving the quality of bikeways to serve all ages and abilities

OakDOT is working directly with a handful of Oakland-based organizations to put on community workshops and listening sessions this spring and summer to help inform the bike plan update. We’re excited to partner with these organizations, and encourage you to check out what they each do for Oakland:

Phase 1

During this phase, community engagement was the number one priority. Our outreach efforts were focused on getting to know the community and get a better understanding of what they wanted in the Bike Plan update.

Our outreach efforts has reached:

  • 1307 subscribers on our mailing list
  • 2817 people engaged in person
  • 420 staff hours in the community
  • 42 community meetings or events

Phase 2

Currently, we are using the feedback given at our outreach events to produce draft recommendations for programs and bike network. These draft recommendations will be shown during the next round of outreach events.

Check out the draft program recommendations below.

If you would like to give feedback on any program recommendations provide comments at: https://goo.gl/forms/J2ADuomPd

Workshop Schedule

Let's Bike Oakland will continue to hold Community Workshops and Mobile Workshops in the next few months. Check out the schedule below! Drop in on any workshops to learn about where we are in the bike plan process and current recommendations. Come by to share your experience with biking in Oakland. Let us know the barriers to biking and opportunities for improving biking in Oakland.

We will also have a prize wheel and a ton of swag items to give away!

For those unable to join one of these scheduled meetings, other engagement opportunities available and would like to find out more information or provide comments: Email us at bikeplan@oaklandnet.com or address mail to Lily Brown, 250 Frank Ogawa Plaza, Suite 4344