Lakeside Green Street Restoration Project

The intersection of 20th Street, Lakeside Drive, and Harrison Street adjacent to Snow Park was not friendly to pedestrians or park users. The Lake Merritt Master Plan called for this intersection to be reconfigured to calm traffic, create safer pedestrian crossings, add bike lanes, and increase park space. This work was completed in 2019.


The project limits are shown below.

Lakeside Green Streets Project Map

For a PDF of the Project Concept Plan and information, click here.

For more information about the Lake Merritt Master Plan, click here.

Construction Traffic and Parking Impacts
To ensure pedestrian, cyclist and motorist safety during the first phase of the project, the following crosswalks will be closed through summer 2017.

1) Sidewalk Closures:

    • Sidewalk along old Thomas Berkely Way is not longer open until mid-December
    • Crosswalks at 21st and Harrison are closed until Nov. 12
    • Crosswalk at Harrison and 20th that leads to Snow Park is closed until late November
    • Crosswalk crossing 20th to Kaiser Center is closed until November 12

2) Roadway Closures: Thomas Berkely Way between Harrison St. and Lakeside Dr. is closed for good and will become a pedestrian promenade. Vehicles can now travel south from the new intersection at Harrison St. on Lakeside Drive.

Construction for the total project is expected to run through summer 2019.

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