Eastmont Hills Stairway Projects



A group of five stairway projects in the Eastmont neighborhood are part of the Citywide Pedestrian Stair and Paths Program, which rehabilitates deteriorated stairs, paths, handrails, and landings across the City, maintaining important mid-block points of access and a diverse and unique pedestrian network citywide. There are approximately 210 public stairs citywide, mostly constructed between 1915 and 1940 when the Key Route system was expanding, and streetcars were the primary mode of transportation for many neighborhoods. Since 2001, 50 of these stairs have been replaced. Today, approximately 100 stairs require either complete replacement, or a major or minor selective repair.

The City of Oakland Department of Transportation has prioritized the Stairs using a comprehensive replacement and repair plan. The Outlook Avenue to Hillmont Drive project was one of the first to go through the City's updated Capital Improvement Program Prioritization Process, and scored 72 out of 100. It is funded by Transportation Development Act (TDA) Article 3 dollars, a regional, formula-based fund source that requires approval by the Oakland Bicyclist and Pedestrian Advisory Commission (BPAC).

As shown on the project map, this network of stairway projects include the following segments (South to North):

1. Cumberland Way: 20' wide unimproved City right-of-way, which is currently designated as a future street that may provide access to four currently vacant parcels, which may be developed

2. Pedestrian Stair Path: 270' long unimproved right-of-way that would connect "Cumberland Way", ascending to Outlook Avenue Stair Path

3. Outlook Avenue to Hillmont Drive: 165' long unimproved right-of-way

4. Hillmont Drive to Michigan Avenue: Unimproved right-of-way

5. Michigan Avenue to Sunkist Drive: Unimproved right-of-way

This project has been presented to the BPAC over the past several years:

- 2/15/2018: Commissioners made an ongoing agreement to use TDA Article 3 to fund paths and stairs projects

- 3/21/2019: Outlook to Hillmont Staircase presented to BPAC as an individual project, an initial funding ask of $138K was requested from TDA Article 3 for design/construction, which was approved by City Council on 5/19/2019

- 4/30/2020: The Project was presented at the BPAC Infrastructure Committee meeting for a second round of TDA Article 3 funding (See Table 1). The total funding request was $120,204.

- 4/15/2021: A project update was presented to BPAC in which the Project was described as undergoing the design phase and expected to be completed by December 2022. No additional TDA funding for requested for The Project in FY21-22 TDA cycle. Instead, funds were requested for E 20th St and Burr, Wilson and Palmer Stairpath Rehabilitation projects. The presentation can be found here.



Map of Project: Eastmont Hills Stairway Projects