Claremont Hotel

In 2016, Signature Development Group submitted an application for the Claremont Hotel redevelopment including: site and circulation improvements; expansion and improvement of the club facilities; and a new residential building to include up to 43 units.


Claremont Hotel property is a designated Landmark


The Claremont Hotel, a designated City of Oakland Landmark, is located in the northern/central portion of the approximately 19.2-acre project site. Landscaping, pedestrian paths, and vehicle access driveways and parking areas surround the hotel. The northwest portion of the site is comprised of club facilities and a swimming pool complex. Surface parking and a fire access lane are located northeast and southeast of the hotel. The project site is accessible from two primary entrances: an entry from Tunnel Road and an entry from Russell Street and Domingo Avenue. The project site is located in a primarily residential area, with neighborhood serving commercial and retail uses located immediately across Domingo Avenue and Tunnel Road.