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90th Ave Repaving & Redesign

The City of Oakland repaved 0.8 miles of 90th Avenue between International Boulevard and MacArthur Boulevard in 2019 and will be completing the painted median by October 2020

In Process


The 90th Ave redesign is a traffic safety improvement project intended to reduce the number of speeding cars and make it safer to walk and bike on the street. This project is part of the city’s 2019 three-year Paving Plan and the East Oakland Planning for Paving initiative.

Curb ramps and crosswalks have been upgraded to meet accessibility standards. The bollards in the medians and at crosswalks create safer refuges for pedestrians crossing the street, allowing them to more easily see and be seen by cars.

This project is not affiliated with the BRT construction on International, and the redesign will not disrupt AC Transit service (Line 90) on the corridor. On-street parking will be impacted along 90th Ave for the duration of construction.

This project was designed in close collaboration with the Scraper Bikes Team members, who have advocated for a safer place to bike in East Oakland. Starting in mid-June 2020, we will be installing the Scraper Bike mural in the center median. The project is anticipated to be complete by October 2020.

Improvements on 90th Ave include:

  • Travel Lane Reduction
  • Painted protected median
  • Flexible bollards
  • Upgraded curb ramps
  • Upgraded high-visibility crosswalks
  • Painted Pedestrian Safety Zones
  • Far-side bus stops for increased transit efficiency

To reach this design concept, OakDOT worked closely with the Original Scraper Bike Team and the local community to collect surveys, conduct workshops, and talk to neighbors and other community organizations. City staff and members of the Scraper Bikes Team and Walk Oakland Bike Oakland canvassed the corridor passing out flyers door-to-door and talking with residents. 90th Ave was also discussed at a series of East Oakland Planning for Paving outreach events including four mobile workshops at libraries and community centers, three design workshops, and presentations at local NCPC meetings. Additionally, city staff engaged residents on this project at events such as National Night Out and Art and Soul, as well as through online platform Streetwyze. OakDOT also hosted monthly clean-ups October 2019 - February 2020, as we awaited full implementation of the median treatment.