14th Street A Great Route in the Town

The project will make 14th Street a great route for all Oaklanders to access Downtown through traffic safety improvements combined with community-based art and placemaking opportunities. This will be a transformative project for Oakland, providing improvements for people to walk, bike, share curbspace, and take transit.


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Corridor Design


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Project Overview

14th Street is an important east-west corridor connecting West Oakland and Lake Merritt through Downtown Oakland. While the civic, cultural, residential, and small business destinations along 14th Street reflect the diversity of Oakland, the options for safe and comfortable travel in this area do not. This project extends from Brush St to Lakeside Dr providing new access to Lake Merritt.

This project will make travel along 14th Street safe and comfortable for everyone. Completion of this project will result in improved connections to jobs, housing, education, transit, and recreation, including:

  • Bridging connections from West Oakland to Downtown and Lake Merritt
  • City and County services like City Hall, the County Courthouse, and the Public Library
  • Community, entertainment, and arts centers
  • The 12th Street BART Station and future East Bay Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)

Project Details and Design Elements

The design incorporates the plans and policies of all preceding community-led efforts for the corridor, including the NACTO Cities for Cycling design charrette and the Downtown Oakland Specific Plan community engagement efforts. The project will include the following design elements:

  • Curb-protected bicycle lanes located between the parked cars and sidewalk for maximum protection
  • Improved pedestrian facilities to reduce crossing distances and provide increased protection from moving vehicles, including:
    • Bulb-outs
    • Marked crossings
    • Signal timing changes
    • Storm drain rain gardens
  • Bicycle and pedestrian safety enhancements at every intersection along the corridor, with major improvements at Lakeside Drive and at Broadway
  • Bus boarding islands with enhanced bus stop amenities to make transit more efficient and reliable

Public Engagement

In Spring 2019, we conducted stakeholder interviews with property owners, business, arts & entertainment organizations, and other organizations along the corridor to gather input on the final design components of this project.

We hosted a public meeting that all members of the community were welcome to attend on Tuesday, May 21st, 2019 at 5:30 PM in City Hall Hearing Room 3, to hear from all who live, work, play, or travel along 14th Street.

This summer, we continued our outreach efforts, based on what we heard at the public meeting, including:

  • Merchant surveys
    • For three months between late May and September 2019, OakDOT collected 47 merchant surveys and individually talked with and supplied surveys to over 80 businesses, stakeholders, and property-owners along 14th St. between Lakeside Dr. /Oak St. and Brush St.
  • Intercept surveys
    • In late August 2019, OakDOT collected 143 user intercept surveys along 14th St, primarily in the business corridor between Broadway and Harrison St. The survey was designed based on concerns voiced by merchants, as well as user intercept survey information from transportation agencies in San Francisco and Los Angeles. The survey was developed with input from a key merchant stakeholder. It included basic information on how users travel and use 14th St. as well as desired improvements to the street. Demographic data was collected to assure a representative sample. The survey was translated into Spanish and Chinese, provided by Equal Access. The surveys were conducted over 8 hours during daytime, weekday periods.

In October 2019, OakDOT hosted a forum for stakeholders including residents, local business-owners, and more. This forum was hosted in conjunction with the Bureau of Planning & Building and Economic and Workforce Development Department.

Next steps

OakDOT continues to work with other City of Oakland Departments to refine the design and implement important project mitigations from impacts of construction and other downtown developments. Stay tuned to see how you can be engaged in this process. Due to COVID-19, public engagement has slowed down but will continue in 2021.

Project Updates

No updates, yet! Check back soon!

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