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Nikki Fortunato Bas

View Councilmember Bas' budget priorities for Oakland's FY 2019-21 budget.

She looks forward to working with District 2 residents and Oaklanders to develop a budget that meets our diverse community’s needs, and is committed to helping create a budget that allows us to grow as a City with the goals of equity, inclusion and sustainability while making decisions with community engagement, transparency and accountability.

For two decades, Councilmember Nikki Fortunato Bas been an advocate for working people, leading the passage of policies in Oakland to create the building blocks for regional, state, and national change.

A resident of District 2 for over 20 years and a lifelong community organizer, Councilmember Bas started out in Chinatown organizing Chinese immigrant garment workers to win their wages back. She also worked in coalitions to raise Oakland's minimum wage with paid sick leave, create living wage jobs on the old Oakland Army Base, and reduce diesel truck pollution at the Port of Oakland. Click here to learn more.

Councilmember Bas and her team are focusing on three themes in the first 100 days and first year. These priority areas were developed over the past year by engaging thousands of Oaklanders, and will continue to be informed by community leadership and input.

1. Housing is a human right. A key function of our city government is to make sure that everyone has shelter. We must provide essential services and shelter for our homeless neighbors, treating people with compassion and keeping families and communities together. We must create more affordable housing to keep working and middle class Oaklanders here. We must protect renters who are the majority of Oaklanders. And, we must create long-term stability for Oakland's homeowners so they and future generations can stay here.

2. A city budget that meets our community's needs. One driven by community values of inclusion, equity, and transparency. This means prioritizing our human needs -- housing, job training, public safety that focuses on prevention. We must ensure that funds that we as voters approved are spent responsibly.

3. Services for each and every neighborhood. Our city must provide equitable services that create healthy, clean, safe environments for all of our kids to play and walk to school.

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Councilmember Bas has ongoing office hours. Stay tuned for a link to sign up for the next one!

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