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Nov 01, 2018

Update on Permitting

The mere availability of applications for loans does not alter the requirement that half of all permits and local authorizations for a temporary state license go to equity applicants, nor the fact that general applicants who incubate equity applicants receive the next available general applicant permit or local authorization for a temporary state license.


The Cannabis Regulatory Commission's Responsibilities

  1. Make investigation, citation and arrest for private adult cannabis (marijuana) offenses the City’s lowest law enforcement priority.
  2. Advocate through its lobbyist and City officers for changes in state and other laws to:
    1. Allow and authorize taxation and regulation of cannabis (marijuana) for adults and eliminate criminal penalties for private, adult cannabis use.
    2. Grant local control to cities and counties to license and regulate cannabis businesses and collect appropriate fees and taxes.
    3. End the prosecution arrest, investigation and imprisonment for adult private cannabis offenses.
  3. Establish a system to license, tax and regulate cannabis (marijuana) sales if California law is amended to allow and authorize such actions.
  4. Create a committee to oversee the ordinance’s implementation and disbursement of revenue from licensing and taxation of businesses that sell cannabis.


Resolution to submit initiative to Voters: Resolution 78733

Establishment of Oversight Committee: Ordinance No.12694

Revision of Oakland Low Police Priority Policy: Resolution 79347

Ordinance amending appointment terms of members: Ordinance No. 12958

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