Notice re: Street Closures and Access Restrictions at Frank Ogawa Plaza on Sunday

Date Posted: January 25th, 2019 @ 3:54 PM
Last Updated: January 31st, 2019 @ 2:47 PM

Please note that this is not a City event; it is privately organized and permitted by the candidate’s campaign. Any time a large, permitted public event that draws thousands of visitors to our public spaces is held in Oakland, the City’s role is to facilitate safe vehicle and pedestrian access on our City streets and public spaces, and to reduce the impacts associated with those crowds on our businesses and neighborhoods.

Details regarding set-up logistics, street closures, and Plaza access restrictions over the weekend are detailed below.

Doors will open at 12 noon on Sunday, and the rally is scheduled to begin at 12:45 pm. The public entrance is at the corner of 14th & Broadway.

Saturday Set-up:

  • Staging, sound systems, LED screens, bike barricades, and other rally elements will be built in and around the plaza.
  • No street closures or blockage to the neighboring businesses, including the Plaza retailers, until 5 pm.
  • At 5 pm, 14th Street will be closed from Broadway to Clay Street.

Sunday Street Closures and Restrictions:

  • Additional streets will be closed to prepare for the rally starting at 7 am:
    • Broadway from 12th to 17th streets—partial closure until 10 am, then full closure
    • Telegraph from 15th to 17th streets
    • Clay St. from 14th to 17th streets
    • 14th Street from Franklin to Jefferson
    • 15th Street from Franklin to Broadway
    • San Pablo Avenue from 17th to the Plaza entrance

  • Streets will remain closed until approximately 4 pm
  • On Sunday morning:
    • Plaza access will be restricted. Rally attendees will be directed to security bag-check stations to enter the secured zone
    • No pedestrian traffic will be allowed down 14th Street from Broadway to Jefferson Street
    • City Center garage: enter only from 11th Street (14th St. entry will be closed)

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