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Planning and Building inspections ensure the safety of the built environment for Oaklanders. PBD Permit Inspections ensure that construction is proceeding according to the approved plans, project conditions-of-approval, and all current code standards. All projects must be in compliance with State of California CalOSHA industry guidelines. Please read below for more information.


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Permit Inspections follows the County of Alameda Construction Safety Protocols and Public Health Orders. Please consult the County of Alameda for any questions: New tab (

Any changes to operations will be posted accordingly once we are instructed by the County to change operations here: City of Oakland | Planning & Building's Response to Alameda County… (

At this time, the procedures for inspection are below:

As per the latest Alameda County Order, each project must comply with the State’s Industry Guidance, which requires a work-site specific protection plan (Appendix A), as well as CalOSHA’s COVID-19 Emergency Temporary Standards (see resource links below). The Planning & Building Department shall ask all project representatives requesting inspections to confirm that they:

  1. have read the County Orders; and
  2. are adhering to the site work conditions mandated under the County Order.

If any project representative cannot confirm that is the case, then the Planning and Building Department shall hold off on that project inspection until the project representative can confirm adherence to the Order for site operations and working conditions. Please find the relevant resources here:

Permit Inspectors will be screening all projects for compliance with above guidelines. If the site is unaware of the guidelines, the inspection will not proceed and will be cancelled in the office. If the job site is not adhering to required Construction Safety guidelines the permit inspector will not conduct the inspection and issue a “Not Pass” with Correction Notice on first instance. Permit Inspector will not be calling from a 238 prefix, they will be calling from City issued mobile devices. Permit Inspectors may offer remote inspection based on if site is aware of protocols and will verify compliance and perform inspection remotely. For information about remote inspections, please visit: City of Oakland | Remote Building Permit Inspections (

Please have approved plans and documents (including job card) on site. It is your responsibility to have your documents printed in FULL color at the job site prior to inspections.

To schedule an inspection please use the appropriate Building Inspection Request App for your mobile device:

Apple iOS:


To schedule by phone, please call 510-238-3444.

We can perform remote inspections using Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or Facetime. Remote Inspection must follow Alameda County Construction Safety Protocols.

Please visit this page for remote inspection information:

During poor air quality events, all permit inspections will be conducted remotely.

For more information about the Alameda County Public Health Order or to obtain required COVID-19 job site documents, please visit:


For permit inspection questions, please email:

Permit Inspector Hours
- Not Available due to Shelter in Place order, please consider emailing the permit inspector. INSPECTOR DIRECTORY

Senior/Supervisor Hours
Not Available
due to Shelter in Place order, please email:


Inspections are required to ensure that the construction is proceeding according to the approved plans and project conditions-of-approval, and that all current code standards are being met. This will help to ensure personal safety and to secure the value of the improvement.

It is your responsibility to schedule all inspections. An appointment must be made at least one working day in advance. Inspections are limited to three (3) inspections maximum per permit, per week. Inspectors have a maximum of 20 minutes per stop.

The City of Oakland cannot conduct same day inspections. These include disconnect-reconnect requests for Electrical Meter work.

A person over the age of 18 with knowledge of the project must be present for the inspection to take place.

Please have approved plans and documents (including job card) on site. It is permittee responsibility to have all approved documents printed in FULL color at the job site prior to inspections.

During the construction phase, inspections by City of Oakland Inspectors are required prior to:

  • Placing concrete or grout
  • Covering electrical, plumbing, or mechanical work
  • Covering floor framing
  • Covering interior sides of wall framing
  • Taping gypsum wallboard
  • Applying stucco
  • Insulation
  • Shower Walls prior to tiling
  • Exterior & Interior shear nailing
  • Waterproof membrane at exterior balconies, stairs, etc.
  • Roof plywood nailing
  • Roof framing
  • Shafts
  • Fire protection

Inspections are also required prior to connecting to, or the hook-up of:

For more information, contact the Building Services Department at (510) 238-3444.

Permit Inspection Request

The City of Oakland provides several easy ways to schedule your inspections. However you end up scheduling, you will need to be prepared with the following information:

  • Permit number(s)
  • Property address
  • Date(s) of inspection(s)
  • Type(s) of inspection (shown on your Inspection Card)
  • Your name and contact telephone (for the morning of the inspection)
  • Your name and contact telephone/fax/e-mail (for sending schedule confirmation)

We will not be able to schedule your inspection if:

  • You owe fees
  • Your permit is expired or suspended

Please Note: You must contact other agencies directly to schedule their inspections: 

  • Public Works (CGS, X, SL permits): (510) 238-3651
  • Fire Prevention Bureau: (510) 238-3462

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