Schedule your Building Inspection

Schedule your Building Inspections

You may request a building inspection by calling


Visit the Inspections Counter

250 Frank H Ogawa Plaza
Suite 2340
Oakland, CA 94612

The Inspections Counter is located on the Second Floor of 250 Frank H Ogawa Plaza

NOTE: There is a large volume of inspection requests at this time.

It is your responsibility to schedule all inspections and ensure your project stays up to date with all the latest regulations.

The Building Bureau will inspect your permitted project for compliance with approved plans and applicable building, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing codes. Inspections are required to ensure that the construction is proceeding according to the approved plans and project conditions-of-approval, and that all current code standards are being met.

Appointments for inspections must be made at least one full working day in advance. During busy construction months they may take several days or weeks to schedule. You must continue to schedule periodic inspections until the project is complete and the City of Oakland has given you final approval. After the job has received a final inspection, the building permit will be kept on file in the Building Services Department as proof of the work completed.

During construction you must complete your City inspections before you can do any of the following:

  • Placing concrete or grout
  • Covering electrical, plumbing or mechanical work
  • Covering floor framing
  • Covering interior sides of wall framing
  • Taping gypsum wallboard
  • Applying stucco
  • Installing insulation
  • Building shower walls prior to tiling
  • Exterior & Interior shear nailing
  • Installing waterproof membrane at exterior balconies, stairs, etc.
  • Roof plywood nailing
  • Roof framing
  • Creating shafts
  • Installing fire protection

Inspections are also required prior to connecting to, or the hook-up of:

  • Gas lines
  • Electrical service
  • Water and sewer services