Requirements for Inspection Electric and Gas Utilities

Requirements for Inspection of Electric and Gas Utilities

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PG&E Electric and Gas Service Requirements
Date Posted: March 14th, 2019 @ 10:56 AM
Last Updated: October 4th, 2021 @ 11:03 AM

Electric and Gas Utility Releases in the City of Oakland

1- Apply for and obtain City of Oakland permit for your Electrical or Gas Service.

2- Contact PGE to obtain Confirmation of Discussion (COD). Permit Inspections cannot inspect Electrical Meters, if PGE COD is not on-site. PGE COD is not required for Gas Utility Release.

3- Schedule your Inspections (See below for important inspection related information):

  • Confirmation of Discussion required to be on site
  • AIC letter for services over 250AMPS or 3 or more units.
  • Working clearances as per California Electrical Code are required. Minimum 30” wide, 36” in front of service dead-front, and from grade to 6 ½ feet must be clear. Clearances are measure to assumed property lines (even if no fence) and other obstructions, including gas meters.
  • AFCI breakers are required in the City of Oakland for panel change outs/alterations even if panel is in the same location.
  • Service equipment in a “dog-house” is allowed to be maintained and repaired, but not altered. Adding a circuit or wiring is considered an alteration.
  • Subpanels/Fuse boxes in clothes closets or other locations with easily ignitable materials can be maintained and repaired, but not altered. Adding a circuit or wiring is considered an alteration.
  • Are all circuit breakers being used compatible with the panel(s) in which they are being installed?

Plan ahead before disconnecting electrical power! Same-day utility release inspections are not possible.

Does the proposed location meet all of the California Electrical Code requirements as well as PG&E requirements?

  • If not sure, once permit is issued an informational inspection may be scheduled PRIOR to commencing work and disconnecting power.

4- If your inspection passes the City of Oakland will place a Green Tag on the Electrical Panel (no tag needed for Gas Service) and will release the meter to PGE by next day at Noon.

5- Call PGE to have your utility connected by them.

If your project has or will have an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU), please refer to this joint City of Oakland and PG&E Code Bulletin: Joint Bulletin for ADU Utility Meters

If installing, modifying, or removing an Electrical or Gas Service you must contact PG&E and follow their requirements to obtain service. Please note that you must contact PG&E to obtain a Confirmation of Discussion (COD) for electrical meter inspection in the City of Oakland. Permit Inspections will not inspect without a Confirmation of Discussion issued by PG&E being on-site.

Same-Day utility release inspections are not possible. Please ensure that project schedules PGE and City of Oakland inspection accordingly. Work must be completed and ready to be energized for City of Oakland to release an electrical meter.

Completed work must be ready for inspection no later than 3PM.