Submit Your Construction and Demolition Recycling Plan Online

100% of asphalt and concrete and 65% of all remaining materials must be recycled.

Green Halo Systems Website

Online Submission Process

There are five steps for completing Waste Reduction and Recycling Plans (WRRPs) and Construction and Demolition Recycling Final Reports (CDSRs) online:

Step 1 – Add to your email safe sender list to prevent messages being treated as junk.

Step 2 – Log on to Oakland's custom Green Halo Systems portal, and create a new recycling plan,

(For new users, create a profile, activate your account, then follow the link in the email from Green Halo to start a new project.)

Step 3 - Complete and submit a WRRP online.

Step 4 – Upload your receipts, invoices, photos, or other relevant documentation as you go. Do not wait until the finish of the project to upload.

Step 5 – At project completion, click “Submit For Final” to deliver a completed CDSR to the City, prior to scheduling the Final Inspection or requesting a T.C.O. or C.O.. Failure to do so may result in delays in scheduling.