Rapid Permits

The Planning and Building department is making it easier to apply for building permits via "Rapid Permits". Learn more about "Rapid Permits" below.

What are Rapid Permits?

Rapid Permits are building permits that can be applied for online and be issued automatically upon payment of fees.

What type of work is eligible?

Rapid permits are intended for construction work that does not require structural modifications or is related to simple work, such as:

Note for commercial projects that will also require a Building Permit (B) to be issued. The project may obtain MEP rapid permits and request inspection of MEP work. However, full approval will not be granted until the Building Permit (B) is issued and building related work (framing) is approved.

What type of work is not eligible?

Rapid permits cannot be applied to the following project types:

Important information to ensure successful inspections.

To ensure a successful inspection, it is important for projects to provide accurate information about the work that is to take place and the appropriate selection of work items from the applicable tables. Failure to do so, will result in failed inspections and further revisions at the permit counter to add any missing work. Please note that projects that have to return to the permit counter are subject to delays as the permit revision will be handled in the order received. Please do not cover any work without first obtaining a passing inspection.

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