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Cannabis Permit Process


Permitted ZonePayment Instructions for All Fees

Please make checks, money orders, or cashier’s checks payable to the City of Oakland and pay in person at our office. Credit cards and cash are not accepted.

Regulatory Reminder

Cannabis business applicants are subject to all local, state, and federal laws and regulations. Accordingly, cannabis permit applicants are not entitled to operate simply because they have submitted a cannabis permit application, particularly in situations that the City of Oakland Fire Department or Department of Planning and Building deem unsafe.

Permit Process Step-by-Step


Complete the LiveScan form and retain copy of results for application submission

All applicant board members, partners and managers must complete a LiveScan background checkwith a licensed LiveScan service provider.


Complete Cannabis Permit Application

Equity applicant eligibility is based on proof of current Oakland residency, income, and either past residency or a cannabis-related arrest. Equity applicants can find the police beat they reside in on the Police Beat Locator. They can also determine if their annual income is at or less than the required 80 percent of the 2018 Oakland Average Medium Income (AMI) thresholds:

  • $62,750 for a one-person household
  • $71,700 for a two-person household
  • $80,650 for a three-person household
  • $89,600 for a four-person household
  • $96,800 for a five-person household
  • $103,950 for a six-person household
  • $111,150 for a seven-person household
  • $118,300 for an eight-person household

Indoor cultivators

Prior to permit issuance, the City of Oakland will require that cultivators demonstrate that 100% of their electricity is derived from renewable or carbon free sources. This can be done by enrolling in East Bay Community Energy’s Brilliant 100 program ( and forwarding email confirmation of enrollment to

Submit completed permit application and LiveScan form and pay City processing fees

Please scan and combine pdfs of the applications and related documentation into one pdf and submit online at After you have submitted your application electronically, come in to the office during office hours, with a copy of your live scan form(s) and payment for LiveScan ($32 per person) and your non-refundable permit application fee ($2,403.56) for first application submitted. For each additional permit type for same operator at same location the non-refundable application fee is $801.19. Only checks, cashier's checks or money orders are accepted forms of payment.

Please note: Equity applicants pay the LiveScan fee only. Their permit application fee is waived.


Applicant receives Inspection Card from City for an identified site.

Applicant follows instructions on card to obtain approvals from City departments and other entities for a facility located in a permitted zone.

Please note: Failure to obtain approvals within one year of the application's submission shall result in an automatic expiration of the application.


Applicant submits completed Inspection Card in person to the City Administrator's Office (see Contact Us).

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