Apply for an Alternate Materials & Methods Request (AMMR)

An Alternate Materials and Methods Request (AMMR) is intended to mitigate a shortcoming in the design of a project with respect to an applicable code section known before or after the deficiency was identified. As such, a method for mitigating the deficiency with proof of equivalency may be presented to the Bureau of Building.

Please Note:

These are general instructions on the application process. In most cases, a City of Oakland Planning & Building staff member will provide you with the AMMR form and give instructions on how to complete and submit the form. Please contact the staff member who requested the form to ask questions specific to your project.

What to Do

Please have one copy of all evidence or proof that the alternate material, design, or method of construction proposed is at least equivalent to that required in the current building codes ready to be submitted with your request form.

How to Make Request

  1. Step One: Complete Form
    • Download the form to your device.
    • Complete the form*. Use Page 2 of the form as a guide.
      *NOTE: Digital signatures require Adobe Acrobat Reader.
    Open Alternate Materials and Methods Request Form
  2. Step Two: Submit Form
    • As a PDF attachment, email your completed form and applicable exhibits to your assigned Plan Checker or Building Inspector.
  3. STOP!

    Please wait for staff to contact you before proceeding to Step Three.

  4. Step Three: Pay Fees
    • Pay fees with the City of Oakland, 2nd Floor Cashier Station by phone or in person.
  5. Step Four: Application Review
    • Once we receive your application and have created it in our system, we will review your submission. If we need further information, we will contact you. Upon review of your submission, we will inform you whether your request has been approved or denied.
    • Should your request be denied, you may make an appeal to the Local Governing Body as described in CBC 1.8.7.
  6. Step Four: File Hold Harmless Agreement
    • Should your request be granted, you must file a Hold Harmless Agreement document with the Alameda County Recorder*, holding the City of Oakland harmless from any results and consequences of such approval. This document will be provided to you by your assigned Plan Checker once your AMMR is approved.
      Your AMMR approval will not be effective until this document has been filed.

Need to Know


Call (510) 238-3891 or find quick answers through our Permit & Services Questions Portal.



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Your feedback will help us improve our website. We cannot reply individually to all feedback.
Your feedback will help us improve our website. We cannot reply individually to all feedback.