What to Expect During your Building Inspections

Inspections are required to ensure that the construction is proceeding according to the approved plans, project conditions-of-approval and that all current code standards are being met. This will help to ensure the projects' safety and to secure the value of the improvement.

Planning and Building Permit Inspections Process Diagram
Planning and Building Permit Inspections Process Diagram



During the construction phase, inspections by City of Oakland Inspectors are required prior to:

  • Placing concrete or grout
  • Covering electrical, plumbing, or mechanical work
  • Covering floor framing
  • Covering interior sides of wall framing
  • Taping gypsum wallboard
  • Applying stucco
  • Insulation
  • Shower Walls prior to tiling
  • Exterior & Interior shear nailing
  • Waterproof membrane at exterior balconies, stairs, etc.
  • Roof plywood nailing
  • Roof framing
  • Shafts
  • Fire protection

Inspections are also required prior to connecting to, or the hook-up of:

For more information, contact the Building Services Department at (510) 238-3444.

Please Note: Project must contact other agencies directly to schedule their inspections: 

  • Public Works (CGS, X, SL permits): (510) 238-3651
  • Fire Prevention Bureau: (510) 238-3462