General Plan Update Guiding Principles

These initial principles will help guide the kick-off and development of Oakland’s General Plan Update. This is the first step in working out a shared vision with all Oaklanders that will serve as a foundation for the General Plan.

Government Ethics

The Oakland Government Ethics Act provides a framework of ethics laws addressing issues such as gifts, conflicts of interests, the misuse of city resources and position, political activities, and post-employment restrictions. The Public Ethics Commission provides advice, assistance, and training to individuals that are subject to local ethics laws.

Green Building

At the City of Oakland, we're committed to green building and sustainability. How buildings are constructed greatly impacts the environment, the economy, and our health. Green building can lower those impacts with environmentally friendly ways to design, build, and operate them. It can also save you money! Read below for more about Oakland's green building requirements and links to further resources to get you started.

Green Industries

Consistently rated among the top ten greenest cities in the United States, Oakland is at the forefront of the green economy.

Green Spaces + Carbon Removal

The fifth section in Oakland’s 2030 Equitable Climate Action Plan (ECAP) focuses on the concept of “Carbon Removal”, the practice of absorbing carbon emissions out of the atmosphere. This strategy works with nature and green spaces, including urban forests and soil, parks, and waterways. This ECAP section envisions a thriving natural environment that removes carbon emissions while also enhancing community resilience, strengthening public health, and building the green economy.

Head Start and Early Head Start

The City of Oakland Head Start/Early Head Start is a federally and state funded early childhood education program that promotes school readiness for children from birth to age five. We offer free early childhood education and family services to low-income Oakland residents.

Health and Wellness Industry Sector

The healthcare sector employees more than 35,000 people in Oakland and contributes more than $2 billion to Oakland's Gross Regional Product. It is the city's largest sector by number of employees and is expected to have signficant job growth through 2021. In fact, Oakland is expected to lead the East Bay in healthcare job growth.

Hearings, Mediations, and Appeals

The Rent Adjustment Program is a petition-based system for property owners and tenants. Tenants may petition to challenge certain rent increases and for a decrease in rent paid due to a loss in service. Property owners may petition for certain rent increases, exemption from the RAP for qualifying properties, or apply to remove a property from the rental market as allowed by the Ellis Act.

High Quality of Life

Oakland's stunning bay views, parklands, open spaces, great weather, rich cultural scene and proximity to the Pacific Ocean make it one of the most beautiful urban areas in the nation and a desirable place to live and work.

Historic Preservation

Oakland's wealth of historic buildings and neighborhoods is matched by few other California cities. These artifacts reflect the city's rich multicultural history, from earliest times to the present. Below, please find more about Oakland’s policies and actions governing Historic Preservation, a comprehensive list of Designated Landmarks & Historic Properties, and information on our Landmark Preservation Advisory Board.

History of Oakland Parks and Recreation

For more than 75 years, we’ve worked together with communities to build a better Oakland by offering activities for the whole family. With well over 100 years in service, OPYRD operates multiple facilities, parks, fields, and courts throughout the City of Oakland.

Holiday Caroling 2020

Due to Covid-19, the Lake Merritt Boating Center will not be hosting Holiday Caroling this year. Please join us again in 2021...

Holiday Transportation

A growing number of transportation options are available to help shoppers explore Oakland’s commercial districts without the hassle of looking for street parking. Thanks to BART, AC Transit, bikesharing, ride-hailing, and taxi services, shopping local is easier than ever.

Home Maintenance and Improvement Program (HMIP)

The Home Maintenance and Improvement Program (HMIP) provides loans to owner-occupied low-income and moderate-income households to correct health and safety violations and repair systems at risk of failure.

Homelessness & the Affordability Crisis

Cities all along the West Coast are facing a homelessness crisis. Oakland is solving it in a unique way by bringing stakeholders to end homelessness.