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Jan 16, 2019

City releases Preliminary Draft Plan for downtown

The Preliminary Draft Plan describes transformative ideas and recommendations that connect the community’s goals to potential strategic actions. It will be reviewed by the community and revised to create the Draft Specific Plan by summer 2019.



This is the sixth specific plan undertaken in Oakland in recent years, and the first ever for downtown. Creating a specific plan for this remaining area will help weave together the existing specific plans in the surrounding areas (shown in the map at right).

All specific plans involve significant participation from the public and other governmental agencies. Emerging themes include:

  • Affordability & opportunity
  • Social and racial equity
  • Cultural heritage & arts
  • Preservation & urbanism
  • Inclusive public realm
  • Connectivity & mobility

We will be holding a series of public meetings in conjunction with the release of the Preliminary Draft Plan in January and February 2019. The Preliminary Draft Plan will help Oakland visualize and respond to preliminary recommendations as a step toward developing the Draft Plan.

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