Applications are now available to operate electric scooter sharing services in Oakland!

Shared e-scooters are the newest transportation option for getting around Oakland. They are useful for short trips, and have the potential to help achieve the goals of OakDOT’s Strategic Plan, which calls for expanding access to shared mobility services, improving transportation choices, and minimizing parking demand, congestion and pollution. However, when used improperly e-scooters can obstruct sidewalks, curb ramps, and other portions of the public right-of-way. OakDOT is actively monitoring the use of shared scooters and is in the process of developing a permit system to regulate how they are used. Contact the Shared Mobility Team at scootershare@oaklandca.gov.

Questions and concerns about the services themselves should be directed to the customer service representative of each respective company. Complaints of improperly-parked scooters can also be submitted through OAK 311.


E-Scooter Town Hall
Monday, 10/22/2018 at 5pm at Oakland City Hall, 1 Frank Ogawa Plaza

This community forum provided an opportunity for E-scooter scooter companies to present to the public their vision for E-scooters in Oakland, and what they are doing to address concerns. Attendees were further able to submit questions to a panel of company representatives and OakDOT Director, Ryan Russo. Video of the meeting is available here.

Neighborhood Feedback Meetings
OakDOT staff met with neighborhood community groups to gather additional community input on terms and conditions that e-scooter companies would be required to meet in order to obtain an operating permit.

  • West Oakland Branch Library- Saturday, 11/10 at 1pm at 1801 Adeline St.
  • 81st Avenue Library Branch- Tuesday, 12/11 from 6-8pm at 1021 81st Ave. This was part of a meeting convened by East Oakland Neighborhoods Initiative.
  • Golden Gate Recreation Center- Wednesday, 12/12 at 7:30pm at 1075 62nd Street, hosted by Councilmember Kalb.
  • Cesar Chavez Library- Tuesday, 12/18 at 6:30pm at 3301 E 12th Street. Spanish-English interpreter service was available.

What We Heard

Community meeting participants let us know that E-Scooters have the potential to be a fun, useful, affordable and environmentally friendly new way to get around the Town. However, participants expressed many concerns with the way scooters are currently deployed and used, including a lack of shared understanding about how to safely use and park them, leading to issues with sidewalk riding and improperly parked scooters. A summary of community feedback is available here.

Many participants want to see more scooters in areas underserved by transit, such as East Oakland and West Oakland, as well as near transit, college campuses, residential neighborhoods and commercial districts. Many participants do not want to see scooters at Lake Merritt, in front of senior facilities, inside buildings or blocking sidewalks.

As Oakland develops its rules and regulations for its scooter sharing program, meeting attendees would like to see public data access, ways to report damaged scooters and improper scooter use, reporting requirements for collisions, clear guidelines and user education on the rules of scooter usage, collection of taxes and revenue, creation of No Parking Zones (including near Lake Merritt), and equitable distribution of scooters.

What we did with what we heard

OakDOT has incorporated community feedback into the latest version of the Terms and Conditions for obtaining a Scooter Sharing Permit. The Terms and Conditions are available for public review and comment by clicking here. Please send any comments on these Terms and Conditions via email to scootershare@oaklandca.gov


1. 5/3/19 - Final Terms & Conditions posted. Operator applications are made available with a filing deadline.

2. 5/17/19 - Deadline to submit permit application to operate scooter sharing services by June 1, 2019. All applications submitted thereafter will be reviewed on a rolling basis for future deployment date

3. 5/31/19 - OakDOT announces the outcome of the application review, and permits are made available by the City.

4. 6/7/19 - Permitted operators issue required payments to the City.

5. 6/7/19 - All permitted operators launch services.