Emergency Home Repair Program (EHRP)

The Emergency Home Repair Program provides loans for home repairs that require immediate attention such as a citation issued by a Fire Marshall, Health Officer or Code Enforcement Officer, leaking roof sewer break.

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Purpose: Provides loans for major home repairs that require immediate attention. Citation issued by a Fire Marshall, Health Officer or Code Enforcement Officer.

Maximum Amount: $15,000

Minimum Amount: $2,500

Eligible Applicants: Oakland property owners living in the unit to be rehabilitated.

Location: Properties may be located anywhere within in the City of Oakland.

Eligible Properties: 1 to 4 unit residential properties.

Income: Applicant's annual household income cannot exceed 50% of the area median income*. Income of all household members 18 years or older must be considered (includes house/roommates).

Occupancy: Applicant must occupy the property. All owners on record must apply.

Eligible Uses: Loan funds can only be used for emergencies such as roof, sewer, electrical or plumbing repairs, or other major mechanical system problems that have been or can be verified by a health and/or safety official.

Other Requirements: None

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