RFP for events, shared kitchens, security, and property purchase programs

Date Posted: July 12th, 2022 @ 12:00 AM
Last Updated: September 29th, 2022 @ 6:34 PM

Here is the Request for Programs (RFP) for Events, Shared-Use Manufacturing, Security Measures, and the Property Purchase Progam.

Deadline - Monday, October 3, 2022 by 5pm

  • Events for Cannabis Equity Applicants;
  • Shared-Use Manufacturing Technical Assistance;
  • Security Measures for Provisional Licensees and
Deadline - Tuesday, November 1, 2022 by 5pm
  • Cannabis Equity Property Purchase Program

A zoom discussion meeting was held on Friday, July 29, 2022 from 10:00am-11:00am.

Here is the video of the Meeting. Access Passcode: A^V..9cI


Is the RFP process open to service providers?

The RFP lists who is eligible for each program.

Is the City of Oakland expecting applicants to complete RFPs on their own, or is the City offering assistance?

Applicants should complete the RFPs on their own.

Is the City of Oakland going to audit the expenses reimbursed (suppose the applicant/operator is unable to locate receipts for all expenses?)

Fund recipients will need to demonstrate that they have used funds appropriately.

Is the City publishing a list of qualified vendors that applicants can purchase products from? (obviously we’ve all met unethical and scammy and “green tax” vendors who don’t have compliant products) Is the City negotiating bulk discounts with a list of qualified vendors to enable the money available to each applicant go much further?

Not sure what program this question is for and if I understand the question.

Is the City negotiating bulk discounts with a list of qualified vendors to enable the money available to each applicant go much further?

Not sure what program this question is for and if I understand the question.

Will the city be auditing the security upgrades to confirm they are compliant or improve compliance?

Fund recipients will need to demonstrate that they have used funds appropriately.

What assistance will be given to applicants/operators who do not have a security background to ensure they are not being robbed or duped by salespeople/vendors?

Equity applicants can consult with the City of Oakland's technical assistance consultants for additional guidance if needed.

Would someone with a state event license have to be a part of the event in order for the event to sell cannabis products at the event?

Someone will need to hold a state event license in order for an event with cannabis sales to take place, but you do not need to have a state event license in order to apply for the RFP.

Can these funds be used to supplement historical spend on upgrades?

Only new security upgrades are eligible.

Can an equity verified applicant be on 2 different RFP proposals?

Yes, an equity applicant can be on multiple RFP applications.

When the RFP document says “only Oakland equity applicants,” does this mean that the entire ownership group must be made up of equity applicants, as opposed to a group of equity applicants and non-qualified partners?

Only equity applicants are eligible for property purchase funds as the funding source is the Go-Biz grant, which is only for equity applicants.

Who is grading the applications for all the event and shared use manufacturing RFPs?

To be determined as it depends on the volume of applications the City receives. Most likely it will consist of City staff in the Departments of Economic and Workforce Development, Race and Equity, and Police.

In the event of a tie in applications or not, will the City ask permission from RFP applicant before forwarding to any non-City Oakland employees?

Our office does not anticipate forwarding the RFP submissions of one applicant to another, but as stated on page seven of the RFP, all documents that are submitted in response to this RFP are considered public records.

Does an event venue have to be booked or site indentified before applying for an RFP?

No, but part of the review will consider the feasibility of the proposed project.

State funds were given to cities for provisionally licensed applicants for making progress towards an annual license. Why did the City pick only security as the only use for these funds? The only security requirements from the DCC is to have 24/7 cameras and commercial locks. Can the funds be used by a manufacturer that needs an HVAC system to complete its annual license ? Can a cultivator that needs sprinklers for its annual license use funds to pay for sprinklers?

Grants for security measures is just one available use for the local jurisdiction assistance grant. Following the recommendation of City staff and the Cannabis Regulatory Commission, the City Council has approved the use of the local jurisdiction assistance grant for a number of uses as described in the staff report and legislation available here.

If more than one licensee participates in the Security RFP, who will Oakland 1099? Who is responsible for taxes, if any ? The city is disbursing millions to cannabis companies and we have to know what our tax liabilities are, if any .

Our office's understanding is that grants are a form of taxable income so cannabis businesses receiving grants should be prepared to pay taxes on that income and consult tax professionals to evaluate their specific tax liability.

What additional requirements will the city levy on companies that receive funds? Will the city require companies have workers comp? Will the city ask to be indemnified for insurance purposes?

Any entity receiving City funds must obtain insurance that meets the City's insurance requirements. Worker's compensation is a state requirement for businesses with employees.

Can we provide references for an Equity Company; a company that is 50% owned by an Equity Applicant ?

As long as the reference is a professional reference they can serve as a reference.

The Oakland legislation cited in your response references $250K per grant. How did $50K limit come about? I see references to security in your memo but not in the legislation. If funds can be used for non-security purposes to make progress towards the annual, can the RFP as written be amended or clarified to allow funds to go to non-security reasons?

The $50k max grant for security and event purposes was determined by City staff given the amount of funding available and the large number of eligible applicants.

In terms of references to funding of security measures in legislation, the third to last Resolved clause on p. 4 of City Council Resolution No. 89064 authorizes the use Local Jurisdiction Assistance Grant funds to assist provisionally licensed cannabis applications (both general and equity) to address security requirements.

Grant funds are only eligible for the uses that are prescribed. For example, general applicants can utilize local jurisdiction assistance grant funds for security purposes as described in the RFP. On the other hand, equity applicants can utilize local jurisdiction funds both for security purposes and to support their transition to an annual license, as authorized in the fourth to last Resolved clause on p. 4 of City Council Resolution No. 89064.

Is it possible for equipment to be a part of covered expenses for the purchase property grant ?

Yes, equipment to help operate a compliant cannabis business that will be used at the property purchased through the property purchase program is an eligible expense.

So labor for verified equity applicants would count too?

Yes, labor can be included in the budget as long as it's related to operating compliant cannabis businesses at the property.

Is the city of Oakland open to cannabis events that use non-storefront delivery licenses to get products to attendees? This would mean that the event doesn't have a state event license, but sales are still happening compliantly.

Not sure if I understand the question, but to receive grant funding for an event, the event would need to comply with local and state law and provide opportunities for Oakland equity businesses to sell their product.

How are program funds distributed for the events and shared used manufacturing programs? I need to understand how they will be taxed to make a realistic budget.

The maximum amount of funds available for events is $50,000 per applicant/event; for shared-use manufacturing facilities, the total amount available is $212,915.36. The funds may be provided to one consultant or divided by more than one consultant.

Does the City anticipate extending the deadline for application submittals for the Property Purchase Program beyond October 3, 2022?


Can we apply for a property purchase program grant to develop raw land into a cannabis facility?

Yes, but staff will be analyzing the feasiblity of every project and building a whole new facility could present challenges.

Can we apply for two separate locations if we have more than one opportunity to pursue?


Can we apply to purchase a facility that is not built out, and then build it into a shared facility after we secure a grant to purchase the property?

Yes, but again staff will be analyzing the feasiblity of every project and construction could present challenges.

Submission of questions regarding events, shared-use manufacturing technical assistance, and security programs is now closed.

For those interested in the equity property purchase program, our office is providing information on two properties that are available for purchase. Please note this email is not a City endorsement of either of these properties and applicants must perform their own due diligence when deciding which property to consider purchasing.

1. 900 75th Ave.

2. Curtis Ohlson, GummiCares Inc., 510-809-6026