Gateway Industrial District (former Oakland Army Base)

The Gateway Industrial District is located adjacent to the Port of Oakland and the community of West Oakland. The 160-acre District is designed to support the City’s industrial needs and the movement of goods by way of the seaport, railroad and roadway networks while providing jobs and reducing air pollution emissions. The District was formerly part of the Oakland Army Base, which was commissioned in 1942 and closed 1999. To enable redevelopment, the City completed a major public infrastructure project in 2019, installing brand new roads and utilities, including bike paths and Bay Trail connections. Today, the District features new state-of-the-art warehouse and distribution facilities.


Truck Management Plan
Mar 19, 2020

Truck Management Plan Year One Actions

Year one implementation of the Truck Management Plan started in July 2019 and actions underway include development of draft proposals for parking changes, and updates to the truck route network, among other actions. You can take the survey related to these proposals.

District Zoning, Design Standards and Maps

Zoning for the area is contained in the Oakland Planning Code Chapter 17.101F. The Design Standards promote high quality industrial architecture. The District maps provide the project location, and General Plan and zoning information.

Public Engagement

Public engagement is a cornerstone of redevelopment planning, starting with the Army Base closure process and continuing through development in the Gateway Industrial District. The City is committed to engaging with the community and public consistent with the Public Engagement Plan.

Related Plans

The redevelopment of the Gateway Industrial District is guided by the Base Reuse Plan and Oakland Army Base Redevelopment Plan.

Environmental Documents

Redevelopment of the Gateway Industrial District was analyzed under the California Environmental Quality Act in 2002 by the Oakland Army Base Area Redevelopment Plan Environmental Impact Report, followed by an Addendum in 2012. The environmental documents and current Standard Conditions of Approval and Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Plan are found here.

Air Quality Plans

Reducing and eliminating diesel trucks and equipment and thereby improving air quality is a goal of the redevelopment of the former Oakland Army Base. Therefore, projects proposed on parcels within the Gateway Industrial District on the former Army Base all benefit from a truck diesel reduction program that requires air quality plans for construction and for operation. These air quality plans provide a road map for implementing diesel emission reduction measures, are required by all developers in the Gateway Industrial District and become part of their tenant agreements.

Truck Management Plan

Reducing truck impacts on the local streets in West Oakland is also a goal of the redevelopment of the former Oakland Army Base. The West Oakland Truck Management Plan is an action-based plan designed to reduce the effects of transport trucks on local streets in West Oakland.

Job Resources and Oversight

Providing local jobs is a key goal of the redevelopment of the former Oakland Army Base. Development on the City's Gateway Industrial District is subject to Construction and Operations Jobs Policies. The West Oakland Jobs Resources Center provides a location for developers and operators to seek local job applicants. The Oversight Commission is tasked with overseeing compliance with the Jobs Policies.


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Environmental Coordinator
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Environmental Coordinator
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