Maritime Services

The Gateway Industrial District is adjacent to the Port of Oakland. The district includes 15 acres dedicated to ancillary maritime services (AMS), such as truck parking, cargo storage, truck services, as well as plans for a bulk commodities marine terminal.

Ancillary Maritime Services


The City has 15 acres of land dedicated to ancillary maritime services. The City entered into a Lease Development and Disposition Agreement (LDDA) with OMSS in 2014 for development of truck services to be constructed on the 15-acre site. OMSS provides a range of support services for trucking companies that require close proximity to the Port of Oakland terminals. Truck parking and services provided at this central location help to minimize the impact from truck traffic in the nearby West Oakland community. OMSS has not constructed any new facilities to date. In the interim, the City is leasing a portion of the site to OMSS for truck parking and truck services. More information on developments at the Port of Oakland can be found here.

Bulk Marine Terminal

The City entered into a Ground Lease with Oakland Bulk and Oversize Terminal, Inc. (OBOT) in 2016 for the development of the bulk commodities shipping terminal. This project is currently subject to litigation.

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