Gateway Industrial District Newsletter #6

This April 2024 Newsletter provides information about the West Oakland Jobs Resource Center, revisions to the 15-acre Port Priority Use Area, and updates in regard to Prologis, Custom Goods, CWS Lease and Deposition and Development Agreement.

Gateway Industrial District Progress Update

Table of Contents:

  • Companies Currently Operating in the Gateway Industrial District
  • West Oakland Jobs Resource Center Update
  • Port Priority Use Update
  • District Development Updates:
    a. Prologis
    b. Custom Goods
    c. California Waste Solutions (CWS)
    d. Custom Alloy Scrap Sales (CASS)
    e. Oakland Maritime Support Services (OMSS)
  • Truck Management Plan (TMP) Implementation Update

Companies in the Gateway Industrial District:

Existing Tenants

Departed Tenants

Providing Local Jobs, Training Bay Area Residents

West Oakland Jobs Resources Center's Executive Director, Joyce Guy, was recently interviewed by local radio station KPOO. She was thrilled to use this venue to talk about the pathways that the Center is opening up for Oakland residents to get employment in the Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics industry.

In keeping with the transformative work that Ms. Guy discussed in her interview, the Job Center recently initiated a maritime jobs training program that prepares Bay Area residents for a range of water transit and transportation jobs. In the last quarter of 2023, five people joined the pilot trainings, and two of the trainees have since been hired and started their maritime careers. The next maritime training will begin Monday April 8th.

Looking for a job? The West Oakland Jobs Resources Center (WOJRC) provides a location for developers and operators to seek local job applicants. See the latest news report on KPIX highlighting WOJRC’s partnership with the Port of Oakland to place workers in emerging green jobs here.

For more information about WOJRC and its work in the community, please visit or contact the office at (510) 419-0509.

The Oakland Army Base Community Jobs Oversight Commission oversees compliance with the Army Base Construction and Operations Jobs Policies. The Operational Job Policy requirements apply to large employers. Currently, only Good Eggs are subject to the requirements of the Operations Jobs Policy. If you're interested in working on an Oakland Army Base Project, please complete the City of Oakland's Local Construction Employment Referral Program Online Application here.

Port Priority Use Area Update

In November 2023, the Bay Conservation and Development Commission (BCDC) adopted an updated San Francisco Bay Area Seaport Plan. The Plan included technical revisions that placed its 15-acre Port Priority Use Area on the City’s planned truck parking and truck services development on the Ancillary Maritime Service (AMS) Site.

Prologis and Custom Goods Update

Prologis previously completed construction of a 189,038 square foot warehouse logistics space at 2001 Maritime Street and has recently completed the tenant improvements for its Tenant, Custom Goods, a US Customs and Border Protection Centralized Examination Station. Custom Goods recently started operations at the space following the completion of its Operations Air Quality (AQ) Plan. Click here to see the approved AQ Plan.

Air Quality

To address air quality, the City continues to work with the Port to implement the Truck Management Plan (TMP) and with the developers to implement individual diesel emissions reduction plans consisting of construction and operations plans. The air quality plans prepared for this program are available on the Air Quality section of the Gateway Industrial District project webpage.

California Waste Solutions (CWS) Lease and
Disposition and Development Agreement Update

CWS and the City entered into a Lease and Disposition and Development Agreement (L/DDA) on July 21, 2021, for the relocation of CWS from 3300 Wood Street and 1619/1820 10th Street to 2308 Wake Avenue.

PROJECT UPDATE: CWS has obtained its solid waste permit and is on track to obtain its regulatory permits. As of March 2024, CWS exercised its right to an extension, with the closing date moved to April 2025.

Proposed Relocation of CASS, Inc.

In support of the proposed relocation of Custom Alloy Scrap Sales (CASS) from its Peralta Street, Poplar Street and Union Street facilities in West Oakland to 101 Admiral Robert Toney Way in the Gateway Industrial District, the City and CASS continue to negotiate the terms of a Disposition and Development Agreement (DDA) and anticipate bringing the DDA to City Council for approval in 2024.

The CASS outreach consultant, Craig Communications, will implement the outreach plan for public engagement, entitled the CASS Community Engagement Plan (CEP) dated August 2022, which can be found here.

If you would like to receive information regarding the CASS Project, or be added to the Craig Communication mailing list, to receive project updates, please contact Tracy Craig at (510) 331-4866 or Additional information and project updates may also be found at

Oakland Maritime Support Services (OMSS)

OMSS, located at 10 Burma Road, has recently submitted its building permit applications to the City for its proposed new facility that includes truck parking, a truck servicing facility, fueling stations including alternative fuels, and a building housing business and personal service, retail sales for truck parts and a convenience store.

Truck Management Plan (TMP) Implementation Update

Heavy-Duty Truck Parking Rules Update: OakDOT began onboarding a new group of Parking Control Technicians in February 2024 and is working to bring another group on later this spring, bringing the unit back to full strength and helping to ensure it has the resources to consistently patrol and respond to requests for enforcement. More information on the new truck parking regulations is available on the City’s website.

In April 2022, the City Council adopted legislation consistent with the implementation of the TMP to update truck parking regulations, which banned detached trailers citywide and designated West Oakland as an area that prohibits parking of all commercial vehicles except on designated streets. Shortly after, OakDOT installed new parking signage to implement these changes. By August of 2022, OakDOT’s Parking Enforcement Unit had finished the remaining work needed to implement the regulations, including training technicians, programming citation enforcement systems, and holding a community meeting.

Implementing the Sustainable Transportation Equity Project (STEP) Grant with Community Partners

In 2022, OakDOT received a $7.6 million Sustainable Transportation Equity Project (STEP) grant from the California Air Resources Board to improve transportation access, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and improve public health in West Oakland.

Project partners were chosen based on their experience and strong roots in West Oakland, including the West Oakland Environmental Indicators Project, Oakland Parks and Recreation Foundation, Urban Biofilter, and The Crucible. The West Oakland STEP grant will support several of the Truck Management Plan strategies, including replacing truck route signage and securing new equipment for parking enforcement. Work on the STEP grant will begin in Summer 2024.

For more information, visit the West Oakland STEP grant webpage.

To stay up to date on all of OakDOT’s work on the Truck Management Plan, visit our Truck Management Plan page.

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