Communities of Oakland Respond to Emergencies [CORE Program]

Communities of Oakland Respond to Emergencies (CORE) is a free emergency preparedness and response training program of the Oakland Fire Department. CORE provides free emergency preparedness training for individuals, neighborhood groups and community‐based organizations in Oakland.

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Outreach & Engagement

In addition to signing up for AC Alert, here are some other resources and ways to get connected and learn more:


How we prepare for and respond to emergencies has changed. In order to make sure that we are employing the most current and best practices, we have expanded the CORE Program training offerings to include additional and advanced training types. Check out the training courses below to learn more about how you can develop the skills needed to better serve yourself, your family, and community.

Please Note: Due to changes in the CORE Program's overall structure, "CORE Training" via the familiar three module series [CORE I, II, III], is no longer available. Review Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ's]

Hands-on Drills & Exercises

Ready, Oakland? The CORE Program is here to help you practice. See below for upcoming opportunities to show off your skills!

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