The Future of Resilience Hubs in Oakland

Resilience hubs in Oakland are planned to support frontline communities to become stronger, more self-determining, socially connected, and successful before, during, and after disruptions. Resilience hub facilities have backup sources of energy, heating, cooling, and air filtration. They may have green infrastructure, such as reducing carbon pollution, providing green space, and utilizing grey water systems. In addition to municipal projects, community-based organizations throughout Oakland are implementing resilience hub activities. Check this page for more information about Resilience Hubs in general and for information on how Oakland plans to develop them here, in our community.

Oakland is continually seeking ways to improve how we support community resiliency on a day to day basis and in time of need, including providing emergency respite during emergencies. We are looking forward to the opening of our Municipal Resilience Hubs in the future. As more updates become available, we will share information with you, here.

Recent Updates


For additional information, please contact Veronika Cole and/or Nick Kordesch.