Personal Emergency Preparedness Classes [PEP]

Self reliance is key. Learn how to identify and anticipate hazards, reduce hazards in the home and workplace, and apply basic lifesaving medical techniques to better support yourself, your immediate family, and your home. This training is great for individuals who just need basic information and general awareness for themselves.

Oakland PEP Rallies? Yes, please!

Oakland Emergency Planning Coordinator Brianna Horton and Deputy Mayor, Dr. Kimberly Mayfield speaking to students at Arise High School about the importance of Personal Emergency Preparedness.
Oakland Emergency Planning Coordinator Brianna Horton and Deputy Mayor, Dr. Kimberly Mayfield speaking to students at Arise High School about the importance of Personal Emergency Preparedness.

Ready, Oakland? We're creating a culture of preparedness and cultivating a more resilient community via a series of monthly PEP rallies happening all throughout 2024! Each month, on the third Thursday, we'll hold 1 PEP training session. Tell a friend and register to complete the course together! If you're interested in co-hosting, contact the Oakland PEP Training Coordinator.

Register for Oakland PEP Training!

Host A PEP Training for your Neighborhood!

The information below will help you organize and host Oakland PEP training for your community and ensure your neighborhood emergency preparedness training is a success!

Important information to communicate to your team:

As a Host Neighborhood, you are responsible for:

- Leading/directing the coordination between EMSD and the facility that you select as the training location.

- Liaising between EMSD/Neighborhood Services/your city council representative’s office and any other orgs/agencies you would like to involve/include.

- Promoting the training opportunity in your neighborhood/district.

- Liaising between EMSD and residents from your neighborhood/district that are interested in attending.

10 Ways EMSD/OFD can support your mission.
EMSD can help you get your community ready by:

- Providing the PEP training curriculum

- Scheduling/booking the PEP training instructors

- Providing the PEP training supplies

- Providing the PEP training participant giveaways

- Publishing information online that confirms you/your site as the host location

- Publishing information online that describes this meeting as having a focus on your community's unique composition

- Publishing information online that confirms that translation and other information and access services will be available

- Coordinating the language and access services – advanced notice/coordination is required.

- Managing the course registration process for you

- Providing a basic template to help you promote your class

Why Oakland PEP Training?
High level goals/outcomes of Oakland PEP training:

- Increase individual/household emergency preparedness in your neighborhood

- Complete steps 1-3 for Establishing an Oakland Neighborhood CERT

- Select your Neighborhood CERT Captain

- Designate a team primary point of contact Team POC

- Register your neighborhood CERT with the Oakland Fire Department

- 10 Minute Zoom Call with myself, or we can do this onsite at the PEP training.

- Get your team trained (you all can complete your training at the same time, in the same session together, or independently).

- We can allot time in the PEP training for attendees to register for an upcoming Oakland CERT training.

Note: All upcoming PEP training dates have been published online (listed above). If there is a date/time that does not does not work for your community, please contact the Oakland PEP Training Coordinator to suggest a date/time that is either 3 days before or after the published date and we will check to see if we can accommodate it.


The Emergency Management Services Division (EMSD) within the Oakland Fire Department strives to build a safer and more resilient Oakland. We accomplish this goal by leveraging partnerships, developing our core capabilities, and maintaining a culture of preparedness.

We ensure the City of Oakland can respond to, recover from, and mitigate against any hazard that affects our city, the region, the state, and beyond. Through internal and external training and exercising, we build our capabilities, explore our vulnerabilities and evaluate and review our plans covering the entire cycle of preparedness to ensure continuous improvement.