Volunteer Opportunities

A Disaster Service Worker Volunteer [DSW-V] is a person who is trained to support specific disaster response activities. The CORE program is how the Oakland Emergency Services Management Division [EMSD] recruits and develops DSW Volunteers who are interested in joining City Staff in support of an emergency response.

Current Opportunities:

Affiliated CORE program DSW Volunteers support professional first responders by training to become:

Volunteer Position Required Training
  • A CORE Program Community Ambassador
  • An Emergency Operations Center [EOC] Aide*

CORE Program Project Assistant

  • Emergency Respite Center Staff*
  • An Emergency Preparedness & Response Training Aide*
  • A DSW-V Mentor/Liaison*

Please Note: *Denotes positions may require a additional training and/or a background check. Positions Email us to learn about current volunteer opportunities and the training required. Email: OESIntern1@Oaklandca.gov

Application Process

Step 1:

- Fill out the CORE Program Volunteer Application [VEOCI Form]

- Fill out the


This page is in development. If you are interested in volunteering for the CORE program, please email: OESIntern1@Oaklandca.gov.