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Local Roadmaps to Community Resilience Project

The purpose of the Local Roadmaps to Community Resilience pilot project (LR2CR) is to support community as members come together to develop a strategic plan (or roadmap) that can be used to guide future actions aimed at increasing the overall resiliency of a specific neighborhood. Check this page periodically for project updates and deliverables.

In Process
Start date:
Jan 23, 2024
Completion date:
Jan 23, 2025


This project will take place in two phases. The first phase strategy, goals, and planned outcomes are to be determined, by the community the project is set to serve. Sincere thanks to the planning team for their time and effort. Funding for this project comes from the Bay Area Urban Securities Initiative (Bay Area UASI)




This is a map of the project census tract.Local Roadmaps to Community Resilience Project


LR2CR Project Kick Off Meeting
Phase I: February 28, 2024
LR2CR Primer Meeting
Phase I: April 24, 2024
LR2CR Community Assessment Workshop
Phase I: 5/21/24
Roadmap Creation/Development
Phase I: TBC
Public Comments
Phase I: TBC
Roadmap Finalization
Phase I: TBC



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