ADA Policies in the City of Oakland

Describes the application of Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act and related disability access requirements to all city programs, activities, and services, including specific departmental or program responsibilities

Adoption of 2019 California Building Standards Code and Local Amendments

Review this presentation from the Planning and Building Department describing the City of Oakland's efforts to adopt the latest California Building Code Standards in alignment with local goals. Oakland's goals include: 1.) streamlining processes by adhering to state codified language while meeting its intent, 2.) aligning property maintenance standards with State Laws, and 3.) clarifying amendments intended to elucidate apparent inconsistencies with State Laws.

Alameda County Clean Water Program

Working with agencies from around Alameda County, the Clean Water program facilitates local compliance with the Federal Clean Water Act.

Analyst, Administrative, Records, and Technician Positions

Learn about the many professional positions where you can support the Oakland Police Department's goals and mission. OPD employs auditors, communications operators, crime analysts, dispatchers, evidence and services technicians, and records specialists as well as other positions. These positions are not necessarily open and vacant at this time; links provided for informational purposes.

Annuitant Hiring

OPD annuitants conduct public safety employee background investigations. They may work a maximum of 960 hours per fiscal year.