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Laurel Access to Mills, Maxwell Park and Seminary (LAMMPS) - Phase 2

Continuing to make Macarthur Boulevard safer for all users



Macarthur Boulevard is a major thoroughfare connecting multiple neighborhoods in Oakland. It also serves as an important corridor for transit, with multiple AC Transit lines running on Macarthur Boulevard and the NL transbay bus that connects Oakland to San Francisco. OakDOT's adopted Capital Improvement Program for fiscal years 2021-2023 identifies Macarthur Boulevard from Lakeshore to East Oakland as a high priority corridor for community-based transportation planning and multi-modal transportation improvements.

Laurel Access to Mills, Maxwell Park, and Seminary (LAMMPS) Phase 1 was a community-based transportation planning process that identified safety improvements along Macarthur Boulevard between High Street and Richards Road. From that planning process, the City of Oakland implemented multiple improvements, including new curb ramps, landscaping, reconfigured intersections, and pavement marking and striping. A major improvement was the design and construction of a Class 1, off-street shared use path that provides a safe bicycle connection between the Laurel District and Mills College.

LAMMPS Phase 2 builds off of LAMMPS Phase 1 and is focused on improving safety on Macarthur Boulevard between 55th Avenue and Seminary Avenue. The primary goal of the LAMMPS Phase 2 project is to continue the Class I pathway and extend this safe bicycling and walking trail to connect the Laurel District with the Frick, Seminary, Millsmont, Havescourt neighborhoods. The scale and types of improvements on this corridor will be informed by feedback by community members. These improvements could include:

  • Bicycling improvements - To align with Let's Bike Oakland, the City's Bicycle Plan, there could be the addition of a protected bike facility along this corridor. This would extend the Class 1 facility that was implemented through the LAMMPS Phase 1 project.
  • Intersection improvements at 55th and Macarthur as well as Seminary Avenue and Macarthur - These improvements will enhance safety for bicyclists and pedestrians who are crossing these two intersections.
  • Pedestrian safety improvements, including new marked crosswalks, pedestrian refuge islands, and other enhancements.
  • Roadway restriping to reconfigure travel lanes and lower the speed of vehicle traffic

OakDOT staff will be conducting in-person and virtual outreach throughout Spring and Summer 2022.




Map of Project: Laurel Access to Mills, Maxwell Park and Seminary (LAMMPS) - Phase 2


Outreach and engagement
Spring/Summer 2022
Conceptual designs
Summer 2022
Seek and apply for funding
Late summer 2022