Additional Officers Will be Added to OPD’s Homicide Section

Date Posted: September 2nd, 2021 @ 5:01 PM
Last Updated: September 2nd, 2021 @ 5:03 PM
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OPD NEWS: September 2, 2021

Today, Oakland Police Chief LeRonne L. Armstrong discussed the increase in the city’s violent crimes and homicides. At the start of the news conference, Chief Armstrong held a moment of silence for 87 seconds, one second for each life lost in Oakland this year. That’s one life lost every three days in Oakland. This same time last year, 64 lives were lost in our City.

The Oakland Police Department (OPD) Homicide Section has investigated 87 homicides so far in 2021. That’s more than in all of 2014 (79), in all of 2015 (83), in all of 2016 (85), in all of 2017 (71), in all of 2018 (67), in all of 2019 (75). Due to the increasing number of homicides, Chief Armstrong has reassigned six officers to work in the homicide section.

OPD investigators are working around the clock to solve these cases. In August, OPD arrested seven homicide suspects, all of whom were charged by the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office.

Assaults with a firearm are also on the rise; OPD has investigated more than 400 incidents this year. That’s up nearly 50% over the same time in 2020.

This year, the Department has also seen a surge in armed robberies and carjackings. There have been more than 700 armed robberies for an increase of 52%, and 329 carjackings for an increase of 100%.

A recent trend in robberies is where multiple suspects are driving in vehicle(s) and confronting victims. In several cases, one or two suspects exit the vehicle and commit the crime while the driver waits in the vehicle. Once the robbery is completed, the suspects re-enter the vehicle and drive off.

OPD arrested 19 robbery suspects last month, and 195 so far this year. Investigators point to multiple tips to reduce your risk

and encourage residents and businesses to enroll in Oakland’s Camera Registry

The Chief is committed to working with community members, business owners, and clergy to reduce violent crime in Oakland.

You can see the Chief’s full news conference at the link below.