July 19, 2024: The City of Oakland is aware of a global computer outage affecting jurisdictions worldwide. Oakland's 911 call lines remain active and open to receive emergency calls from our community. Please continue to report emergencies by dialing 9-1-1.


Brookdale Recreation Center

Located in District 5 of Oakland, Brookdale Recreation Center offers fun and creative recreational activities for youth and teens. Picnic tables are provided high on the hill above the sounds of the vibrant neighborhood below. Picnic sites are available for use on a first come basis. Play equipment such as balls, jump ropes, bats, and more available at the Rec Center Lending Cart. The Rec Center also has a mobile library available to all. Stop by and visit with our friendly staff.

Budget Ad Hoc

This ad hoc committee is tasked with overseeing budget that is created for a specific, often temporary or special purpose, related to the operations, initiatives, or oversight of a police department or law enforcement agency. Ad hoc police commission budget might be allocated for a special task force, a specific investigation, community engagement programs, reforms, equipment upgrades, or any other initiative that requires additional financial resources beyond the scope of the regular budget.

Budget Bureau

The Budget Bureau develops a balanced and fiscally responsible City budget. Every two years, we produce a Biennial Proposed Budget and an Adopted Budget. Additionally, we analyze the City's income and expenses to make sure our programs are efficient and effective.

Building Bureau

The Bureau of Building oversees the regulatory process for construction performed in the City of Oakland. We ensure that residential, commercial, and industrial properties are built and maintained in a safe and healthy manner. Come to us to apply for Building Permits, to request permit inspection services, or to report potential building code violations.

Building Inspections

Planning and Building inspections ensure the safety for all Oaklanders. Permit Inspections ensure that construction is going according to the approved plans, project conditions-of-approval, and all code standards. All projects must follow State of California CalOSHA industry guidelines. Please read below for more information.

Building Plan Check Services

The Plan Check Services division of Building Bureau offers a team of in-house engineers to review and answer questions pertaining to submitted plans. To better serve Oakland residents and customers, Plan Check Engineers are available for drop-in consultations and during the specified hours shown below.

Buildings + Energy

The second section of Oakland’s 2030 Equitable Climate Action Plan (ECAP) focuses on buildings and energy. Buildings emit greenhouse gases (GHGs) indirectly by using electricity produced at power plants, and directly by burning natural gas to operate major appliances. In Oakland, buildings account for a quarter of local emissions. While California has led the country in policy to make electricity cleaner, natural gas can never be made clean and will always be unsafe and unhealthy to use in buildings. Therefore, Oakland must shift our building energy away from natural gas, toward clean electricity and energy efficient homes and businesses. The ECAP’s Actions work toward a future with safe and healthy interior spaces that are resilient, efficient, and accessible, prioritizing the needs of low-income and sensitive populations.

Buildings and Facilities Services

Public Works provides direct tenant services to a wide variety of client agencies, including custodial services, building engineering, security and access controls, air quality monitoring, emergency response and property management.

Bushrod Recreation Center

Located in North Oakland’s Temescal District, Bushrod Recreation Center was constructed in 2000, making it one of newest recreation centers in the area. Bushrod is equipped with a full sized gymnasium, weight room, kitchen, play structure, lighted basketball and tennis courts, lighted football/soccer fields, baseball/softball field, and picnic areas. Let’s make Bushrod your home away from home.

Business Permits

All about the permits, fees and other requirements needed to operate a business in the City of Oakland.

CalHome Program

The CalHome Program partners with lenders to assist low-income, first-time homebuyers with buying a home in the City of Oakland. This program is now open and taking loan reservations.

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Your feedback will help us improve our website. We cannot reply individually to all feedback.
Your feedback will help us improve our website. We cannot reply individually to all feedback.