Cabaret Permit

A cabaret is defined as:

  • A place where the general public is admitted for a fee, entertainment is provided and alcohol is served


  • A place that does not charge for admission, the general public is admitted, alcohol is served, dancing is permitted, and the venue operates past 11:00pm.

Note: If you do not meet this definition you are still required to abide by Planning & Zoning regulations, have annual fire and health inspections, possess an Oakland Business Tax Certificate, as well as abide by noise nuisance standards.

To apply for a cabaret permit please click here.

Please note Cabaret Permits are not Transferable. The new owner(s) or change in ownership must apply for his/her own cabaret permit before starting cabaret operations.

Oakland Municipal Code - Cabaret 5.12

FEES: (Per Master Fee Schedule)

Application Fee: $485.50 due at the time the application is submitted.

Permit Fee:

$501.75- (Small Cabaret with occupancy under 50)

$1,257.75 - (Large Cabaret with occupancy over 50)

Extended Hours Application: $1,703.00

Extended Hours Permit fee: $3,916.50

To renew a cabaret permit click here.